Proposal for The New York City College of Technology Mobile App

TO: Professor Ellis
FROM: Rosalba Huerta, Adriana Rodriguez, Miguel Jimenez, Milagros Vergaray
DATE: MAY 18, 2015
SUBJECT: Proposal for a New York City College of Technology Mobile App


RAMM Team – Rosalba, Adriana, Miguel, Milagros

When faced with a task such finding an opportunity within City Tech and propose a solution for it many situations came to mind. We, Team RAMM, made a decision to propose the creation of an information booth that will serve as an extension of the Welcome Center located on the main floor. Looking at the feedback we received from our pitch to the survey we created we found that an information both wasn’t as beneficial to the school as we thought it would be. The downside of an information booth was the unnecessary space it took as well as the amount of lines it could possibly create by entrances.

We went back to the drawing board and found that creating an application for City Tech not only ties in as an extension to what we wanted the information booth to be but it catches up with the times. Students and staff don’t like to wait in lines and everything is mobile so creating an app makes it accessible to everyone with a mobile device.

Once we took a look at the research we created a design for the City Tech application and created advertisements to go along with them. We found that this is a relatable issue since not many schools in the CUNY system have mobile apps. Although few schools have apps, City Tech should have had one since it is a technology based University. Through our proposal we offer real life solutions to everyday problems in students and faculty life. In our proposal we offered the benefits and estimated time, as well as a preview of the back-end of what it takes to build a mobile application.


City Tech Add

Below we are attaching our proposal for this project.

Team RAMM Final Project Career Writing