TO: Professor J. Ellis

FROM: Ali | Michaelangelo | Paul | Jonathan

DATE: May 18, 2015

SUBJECT: Lounge Furniture Reform

We Hybrid_Mind started this proposal with one goal in mind. We wanted to bring to the attention of the administration; that the students of New York City College of Technology were ready for improved student lounges around campus. With research and information that we have gathered from our fellow students, we believe that we have a strong case that will initiate this change. The cost to the school will only include the purchasing of furniture. We as Hybrid_Minds would happily donate our time and we are confident we could get other student on board with us. So, the cost of labor would be zero. An important benefit of a comfortable lounge is having a place on campus where students can network and learn outside of the classrooms from each other. Cultures can be explored through conversations in a comfortable environment. Also, a location where student can wait for their next class. After ENG 3771 Michaelangelo and Jonathan wait until 6:00pm for their next class. They wait in the student lounges because they have no choice, but would rather go home and return for classes. However, that would take time, energy, and money. Students can prepare themselves mentally  for their next class, or study for an upcoming test/exam in a comfortable student lounge. The stairwells and hallways would be clear of student who would rather wait in these locations instead of the student lounge.

Attached below is our proposal document for project 2