Ladies of Leadership – “No Access To Color Print”

Ladies of Leadership

SUBJECT: No Access To Color Printing

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TO: Professor Ellis
FROM: Sandra Jarro, Niasia Rivera, Jina Lee, Mavis Xing Ye
DATE: May 18, 2015
SUBJECT: No Access To Color Printing

We are Ladies of Leadership, a campus service group at New York City College of Technology. Our goal is to improve the community around campus and be a voice for the students, by proposing solutions to problems students have on campus.  According to a recent survey conducted by our team, a number of students brought up the issue of not having access to color printing. So who better else to come up with a way to solve their problem. Through our research we found out about more than half the school’s population is affected buy this problem. Many students did not consider this school to be a technology school because it does not have color printing available for them. Most of the students who wanted to print would have to travel about 10 minutes outside of school paying more than $5 per print.
We as a community organization decided to take this matter into our hands and propose a solution. We created online and hard copy material to help us gain support.  One of our first goals is to add 1 color printer per lab room and one in the library. Our second goal is to allow all departments to print in these locations. By doing so, we allow every single students to have the right to print in color or black and white as they desire. Our third goal is to have a page printing limit for the day. The fourth goal is setting up a fee per printed copy. We aim to maintain a community around our campus, and we plan to achieve something that in the future will be beneficial for not only the students but the school as a whole.




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