TO: Professor J. Ellis

FROM: Ali | Michaelangelo | Paul | Jonathan

DATE: May 18, 2015

SUBJECT: Lounge Furniture Reform

We Hybrid_Mind started this proposal with one goal in mind. We wanted to bring to the attention of the administration; that the students of New York City College of Technology were ready for improved student lounges around campus. With research and information that we have gathered from our fellow students, we believe that we have a strong case that will initiate this change. The cost to the school will only include the purchasing of furniture. We as Hybrid_Minds would happily donate our time and we are confident we could get other student on board with us. So, the cost of labor would be zero. An important benefit of a comfortable lounge is having a place on campus where students can network and learn outside of the classrooms from each other. Cultures can be explored through conversations in a comfortable environment. Also, a location where student can wait for their next class. After ENG 3771 Michaelangelo and Jonathan wait until 6:00pm for their next class. They wait in the student lounges because they have no choice, but would rather go home and return for classes. However, that would take time, energy, and money. Students can prepare themselves mentally  for their next class, or study for an upcoming test/exam in a comfortable student lounge. The stairwells and hallways would be clear of student who would rather wait in these locations instead of the student lounge.

Attached below is our proposal document for project 2


Ladies of Leadership – “No Access To Color Print”

Ladies of Leadership

SUBJECT: No Access To Color Printing

team photo


TO: Professor Ellis
FROM: Sandra Jarro, Niasia Rivera, Jina Lee, Mavis Xing Ye
DATE: May 18, 2015
SUBJECT: No Access To Color Printing

We are Ladies of Leadership, a campus service group at New York City College of Technology. Our goal is to improve the community around campus and be a voice for the students, by proposing solutions to problems students have on campus.  According to a recent survey conducted by our team, a number of students brought up the issue of not having access to color printing. So who better else to come up with a way to solve their problem. Through our research we found out about more than half the school’s population is affected buy this problem. Many students did not consider this school to be a technology school because it does not have color printing available for them. Most of the students who wanted to print would have to travel about 10 minutes outside of school paying more than $5 per print.
We as a community organization decided to take this matter into our hands and propose a solution. We created online and hard copy material to help us gain support.  One of our first goals is to add 1 color printer per lab room and one in the library. Our second goal is to allow all departments to print in these locations. By doing so, we allow every single students to have the right to print in color or black and white as they desire. Our third goal is to have a page printing limit for the day. The fourth goal is setting up a fee per printed copy. We aim to maintain a community around our campus, and we plan to achieve something that in the future will be beneficial for not only the students but the school as a whole.




Project 2 Pitch Slides


Ladies Of Leadership Presentation


Proposal for The New York City College of Technology Mobile App

TO: Professor Ellis
FROM: Rosalba Huerta, Adriana Rodriguez, Miguel Jimenez, Milagros Vergaray
DATE: MAY 18, 2015
SUBJECT: Proposal for a New York City College of Technology Mobile App


RAMM Team – Rosalba, Adriana, Miguel, Milagros

When faced with a task such finding an opportunity within City Tech and propose a solution for it many situations came to mind. We, Team RAMM, made a decision to propose the creation of an information booth that will serve as an extension of the Welcome Center located on the main floor. Looking at the feedback we received from our pitch to the survey we created we found that an information both wasn’t as beneficial to the school as we thought it would be. The downside of an information booth was the unnecessary space it took as well as the amount of lines it could possibly create by entrances.

We went back to the drawing board and found that creating an application for City Tech not only ties in as an extension to what we wanted the information booth to be but it catches up with the times. Students and staff don’t like to wait in lines and everything is mobile so creating an app makes it accessible to everyone with a mobile device.

Once we took a look at the research we created a design for the City Tech application and created advertisements to go along with them. We found that this is a relatable issue since not many schools in the CUNY system have mobile apps. Although few schools have apps, City Tech should have had one since it is a technology based University. Through our proposal we offer real life solutions to everyday problems in students and faculty life. In our proposal we offered the benefits and estimated time, as well as a preview of the back-end of what it takes to build a mobile application.


City Tech Add

Below we are attaching our proposal for this project.

Team RAMM Final Project Career Writing

Students for Campus Life Improvement- Green Space on Campus

Our project is basically improving student, faculties, and staffs’ quality of life by providing campus green space. We try to push our campaign to have New York City College of Technology to approve our proposal. We want to set up a few ideas to create campus green space. First, we proposed to have greens within the building like the hall way, stair cases, and even in classrooms. We want to do this because according to studies, nature can possibly help people concentrate a lot better. From their experiment, students were able to complete their tasks more efficiently under the nature than those who were not surrounded by nature. Second, we want to have a green roof system to provide a better place for students, faculties, and staffs to relax and have some recreational activities. Most of the roofs in New York City College of Technology is basically empty and just probably have a little equipment on there to provide services for the school. Instead of leaving these spaces unused, we can use these spaces to create an environment where people on campus can relax. I would not say it is good to throw a Frisbee or a football in this environment. But it’s good to be able to sit down, lay down in these environment with a book or simply just socialize with those around you. Other than providing a recreational use, the green roof system can also help the school and the environment. It can help the school by conserving energy, extending roof life span, reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, and reduce pollutants and many other benefits I mention in my proposal. Last but not least, we can also set up a green wall system to provide a more appealing environment to those who attends City Tech. It is a non-invasive project and it helps to promote our school for using such system.

Pitch for Green spaces
Proposal for Green Space
Facebook Event


MTDA Agency Proposal Final


To:  Professor Ellis

From:  Group 6 ( Marko,Tim, David, Aaron) MTDAIMG_4140IMG_4621IMG_4624

If there was one thing we as a group can improve on or fix in New York City College of Technology, it would be the expansion and improvement of the Grace Gallery from the eleventh floor to the Atrium.  We have noticed that the school spirit or pride is declining.  By improving the gallery space we can have more student work available for viewing.  In addition to increasing the gallery space, we have also decide on adding a fundraiser and all profits will go    directly to the art department.

We have taken various steps to accomplish this goal.  First, we have created various posters to demonstrate some of the work that could be displayed in the gallery with specific themes.  These poster will also act as flyer to which is tells the students when the Gallery showcase began. Next, we have added a school website that contains a quick information guide to when the Grace Gallery will be up.  In addition, adding information for volunteer work, how you can be a part of it and when to apply.  We then added a survey to help us better understand the situation.  Getting a chance to further understand our problem can ultimately help us better improve it.

Hopefully, by expanding the Gallery we have not only improve the school spirit but also encourage others.

Below is the proposal and other deliverables for Project 2:

Proposal Blog Group6


Reduce Elevator Traffic

TO: Professor Ellis
FROM: Peterchris Florentino, Aremi Ruiz, Ashley Silva, Justin Song
DATE: May 18, 2015
SUBJECT: Reduce Elevator Traffic in the Namm Proposal

groupPhoto LongLinesAs students of New York City College of Technology, we, Thinking Techs, frequently need to take the elevators in order to get to our classes. While many students are physically capable of taking the stairs to reach their classes and do so, the majority of everyone else isn’t or is just not willing to do so. The result is that we experience extremely crowded waiting areas on the 1st and G-floors in the Namm building. With such large crowds, students end up waiting for the elevators on average longer than 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes in some cases. Not only are the crowds large creating long wait times, but because students are always in such a rush to get to their classes, many will jump ahead of the lines as they come in from the Jay St entrance and crowd themselves into elevators, being unfair and uncourteous to students who were appropriately waiting. This causes a great frustration for students and because of the crowding and unfair boarding, it causes many students and staff to be late to their classes and unhappy with the quality of the elevator system.


Thinking Techs recognized this issue and sought out to find solutions that would reduce the crowding, get students and staff to their classes on time, and greatly improve their satisfaction with the service. We noted that the Namm elevators were not the only elevators on the main campus and that the most prominent other elevators were the two elevators in the Atrium building. However, one elevator is out of service and the other in such poor condition it is rarely used by students. Thus, as one of our solutions we propose to replace those elevators with new, modern elevators like the Namm. Our other solution is to create better organization to prevent unfair boarding by use of retractable line barriers and traffic regulators. Throughout the project, we researched what needed to be done to make these things happen including budgets and schedules. We also conducted surveys and interviews to confirm student and faculty dissatisfaction and to find out their opinions on our proposed solutions. We created promotional material so that we can also bring awareness to our cause and gain support.

Below is the proposal and other deliverables for Project 2:


View PDF in Acrobat for bookmarked page jumps or refer to the following:

Final Proposal:  p1
Proposal Appendix: p18
Promo Deliverables: p26Promo Memos: p29
Meeting Minutes: p33
Pitch Presentation: p49
Pitch Script: p55
Proposal Draft 1: p57
Proposal Draft 2: p66

Reading/Viewing: Mellody Hobson, “Color Blind or Color Brave?

During the first ten minutes of class, write your summary of today’s viewing: Mellody Hobson, “Color Blind or Color Brave?,” In your response, you might find out who Mellody Hobson is. What is her argument in the video? What distinction does she make between “color blind” and “color brave?”