Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking *Archived*


The story revolves around an intern who begins working at JNN Networks as an Intern Assistant to the anchor Deborah Anderson. They work on a top secret for the duration of the internship leading up to the taping date. On the day of the taping, Deborah is nowhere to be found until director John Michael receives a phone call notifying him that Deborah will not be able to tape the segment. The temp anchor tries to learn the topic and lines but struggles. Until the director ask the intern, Louanne since she knows the topic to come on camera and participate in the segment. Will Louanne conquer her fear of public speaking or will she give in to her fear?

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When I first discovered that I would be creating a project with HTML, I wanted to cry. When I hear the word HTML, I think of websites, letters and symbols without any meaning. Oh boy was I mistaken. Creating a story within the HTML story interface was a unique and satisfying experience. Truth being told, I don’t like learning complicated software, if I had my choice I would never learn it but I don’t have my choice so I choose to learn it. I guess I feared it at first and naturally I did not want to do it. After weeks of creating the flowchart and playing around with the HTML notepad, I began to open up to learning a new tool. At first, I found it to be incredibly overwhelming and I wanted to give up right then and there but Professor Ellis was so kind to believe in me which I appreciated. The project turned out to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed creating a website, a least having the little background knowledge about how to build a site from scratch. I must say that I have a entirely new appreciate for website developers and will never look at another website the same ever again.

In long run, I appreciate the breakdown of the project. I was introduced to the different aspects of the project and it was scaffold ed which I loved. I would definitely recommend continuing to offer a project like this because it challenges students even when they don’t want to be challenged. I really loved this project.


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