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Review of the Robot Presentation

To: Dr. Jason Ellis

From: Jodieann J. Stephenson

Subject: Review of the Robot presentation



Henrick Christenen presentation on robots in an age of mass urbanization, while discussing customizable products and 3 D printing in healthcare proved to be an interesting dialogue. The topic was very futuristic however it could have delivered better if the presenter’s mic was turned up to a better volume. I was fascinated by the slides on how researchers and developers want to create robots that will serve a purpose by making tasks easier and achievable. It was refreshing to learn how Hollywood has created a negative perception of robots because of movies such as the Terminator or iRobot, the word robot, now has many negative connotations. The presentation was very educational and I enjoyed learning about how life changing new robot technologies can be. Also, how interesting it would be to have robots that resemble humans and can facilitate human reactions and emotions. If these technologies were ever created it would completely change the world, not only just healthcare field. But until that day comes then humans and robots will continue to communicate with many restrictions. For many people, they still dread the days of robots overtaking humans but in reality that will never happen.

On many of the slides, there were acronyms without any explanation. For any random, individual who was in the audience would not have any inkling about the topic at hand. The presenter should be made aware that not many individuals are familiar with the topics and should offer callouts that aides the audience to understanding the topic. Many of the key points that were made in the presentation was a reminder of the simple requests that the aging population has which are similar to the needs of many. There will come a day that we will all age and not having anyone around to help with simple tasks such as trying to pick up the remote controller, pour yourself a cup of coffee or put on your eyeglasses or even take your medicine. Many of these tasks become harder as you age and to have a robot around to help would make it easier for the individual. Preferably to have a robot that resembles a person to become their assistant and help with these tasks. During the presentation, I never considered how important the psychology of having something that resembles a human or has humanistic characteristics plays a role in how we can relate to a certain object.

Another point that was made in the presentation was how the “baby boomers” population is becoming one of the most dominant generations in the U.S., which I thought the millennial generation held traction. This interesting “fact” made me think about in about 15 years my mother will be retiring and how different the technology and medicine will be. Perhaps there will be robots around to help, but what if there aren’t any robots around to help? What will happen to the car industries and the pharmaceutical industries?

Overall, in my humble opinion, I enjoyed the presentation, well the little that I saw. The presenter had a unique candor about him and how presentable and charismatic he was. However as for his presentation skills, I would rate it as a C partly because I could not hear many of the key points that he tried to allude to and for not clearly explaining how the acronyms. From a topics point of view, I really enjoyed learning about robots and the tremendous impact that they will have in the healthcare field. I hope I get to see their contributions in my generation however if not, I hope the next generation will be able to enjoy and can appreciate how impactful the robots will be in everyday life.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking *Archived*


The story revolves around an intern who begins working at JNN Networks as an Intern Assistant to the anchor Deborah Anderson. They work on a top secret for the duration of the internship leading up to the taping date. On the day of the taping, Deborah is nowhere to be found until director John Michael receives a phone call notifying him that Deborah will not be able to tape the segment. The temp anchor tries to learn the topic and lines but struggles. Until the director ask the intern, Louanne since she knows the topic to come on camera and participate in the segment. Will Louanne conquer her fear of public speaking or will she give in to her fear?

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When I first discovered that I would be creating a project with HTML, I wanted to cry. When I hear the word HTML, I think of websites, letters and symbols without any meaning. Oh boy was I mistaken. Creating a story within the HTML story interface was a unique and satisfying experience. Truth being told, I don’t like learning complicated software, if I had my choice I would never learn it but I don’t have my choice so I choose to learn it. I guess I feared it at first and naturally I did not want to do it. After weeks of creating the flowchart and playing around with the HTML notepad, I began to open up to learning a new tool. At first, I found it to be incredibly overwhelming and I wanted to give up right then and there but Professor Ellis was so kind to believe in me which I appreciated. The project turned out to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed creating a website, a least having the little background knowledge about how to build a site from scratch. I must say that I have a entirely new appreciate for website developers and will never look at another website the same ever again.

In long run, I appreciate the breakdown of the project. I was introduced to the different aspects of the project and it was scaffold ed which I loved. I would definitely recommend continuing to offer a project like this because it challenges students even when they don’t want to be challenged. I really loved this project.


PTW Podcast Series: Public Speaking/ Stuttering by Jodieann Stephenson

Fear: A Look at Public Speaking in the Workplace

Pitch Description:

For this project, fear, being the overarching theme that unifies all the projects together, I will examine how my personal fears has lead me towards my current career path. In this podcast, I will focus on fear of speaking in professional settings. I have been suffering from stuttering from the tender age of five years old. I have feared speaking because of fear of ridicule from friends, classmates, bosses and even family members. Although, when many people look at me they would never associate stuttering to my “persona.” I struggle with stuttering and the fear of public speaking on a daily basis because not only do I stutter but I have horrible pronunciation. This fear is a constant battle for me which is why I chose a career in writing. Writing affords me a chance to say all the things I cannot verbally express— it’s freedom in the purest of sense.

My episode will focus on how I deal with stuttering and public speaking in a professional setting.

Title: Fear: A Look at public Speaking in the Workplace

Description: My hope for this particular segment of the podcast, is to shed light on the other parts of public speaking that no one sees, especially when everyone thinks you speak eloquently. In doing this podcast, it will bring awareness to the issue of stuttering, discovering confidence and just having the ability to say it.

Podcast  Link




Originally starting out, this project was a unique chance to create a project that mattered with me and as well a subject that was dear to my heart. I really enjoyed exploring this top because it gave me a chance to probe a topic that hit close to home. Fear is something that we all encounter on a daily basis and for me public speaking is a constant fear of mine because I am afraid that I will stutter. Writing this podcast came naturally to me which was a nice feeling. I was able to discuss what inspires me and what was an important moment for me to reflect on how far I have come. In writing the podcast I fostered a motto which was “Don’t stutter, just talk,” this became my motivation for conquering my fear of public speaking. Public speaking and fear is a constant battle of mine but now more than ever I will never use it as an excuse anymore. Fear is never an excuse to not have a voice ever. While writing this podcast, I did realize that my audience was a key consideration for my podcast because they would be the ones who would interact with it and hopefully be inspired and appreciate it. I would say my least favorite moment was learning how to merge the files together via iMovie or GarageBand and Audacity. I am horrible when it comes to figuring out different softwares, this is one of my weakness. I tend to struggle with using softwares and I’m not good at using these new mediums. Additionally, although I struggled with this project, I really did enjoy talking about this topic. I like the podcast allows you the freedom to communicate with major audiences across a unique medium. I would love to do a unscripted podcast one day.

Jodieann Stephenson Presents: FRED Talks

This is a short fictional video inspired by TED Talk and I have recreated the organization FRED Talk. FRED Talk is a platform for discourse worth having. Started in 2016 as a class project where you can have a dialogue about various topics including business, technology, and professionalism. FRED is built on the foreground of sharing ideas across the seven seas. In this FRED Talk, presenter Naomi Dixon, renowned emotional intelligence subject matter expert shares her top 7 tips on emotional intelligence to becoming a good contributing citizen of society allows us to create a better tomorrow.






As I look back at the uniqueness of Project 2, I can’t help but think that in a matter of days I became a composer in the YouTube community. I was not only a participant but a composer, which I never imagined that I would ever be. One of the major challenges for this project was creating a unique fictional story around the subject of communication. When I wrote the script for the “FRED Talk” I wanted to be something useful, so I chose the topic of emotional intelligence because I thought it is something that everyone can work on. I wanted it to be timeless and useful. At my current internship, I became introduced to whiteboard video as a way to break down complex ideas into simple ones and I took a chance at creating my own video. Also, the reason why I choose to recreate a FRED Talk inspired by TED Talk is because I have dreams of one day working for the company. So this is a piece I could use as part of my portfolio for when I apply to TED. I want to show that I have a clear understanding of the goals and audience. Finally, after settling on a idea, scripts and storyboard I was ready to record the video. Looking back, I wished I had spent a little more time on perfecting the recording and editing of the videos. There were moments in my finished product that you could hear the video in other parts that it should not have been apart of the video.



Since the video has been up, it has received over 40 views. I posted the video via my personal Facebook and Twitter page in hopes to increase user engagement. Last week, I tweeted the video to TED Talk, and they read the tweet—fingers crossed they liked the video.


Tasting Success: An Intern’s Journey



The first project of the semester was so much fun! I enjoyed the project immensely. The Twitter project afforded me a chance to craft and participate in a non fiction storytelling via the platform and incorporate multimedia. I loved every bit of it! As I look back, one of the hardest moment I struggled with was deciding on a subject to discuss, there were so many important stories that I wanted to share. In the end, I decided to talk about attaining a summer internship in a field that was unfamiliar to me and talk about the struggles and triumphs that it comes with and how I discovered myself in the long run. I really enjoyed sharing my story because many of my classmates are dealing with similar issues and I hope to be a resource for them. After completing the project I realized that I had social media strategy to share my story nor did I have any target audience. But I do think that I was successful in delivering my story because I received user engagement on Twitter from my classmates, Professor Ellis, as well as the social media manager of Indeed— which was really cool! I used a few hashtags and was expecting an increase in my impressions but I was unsuccessful. My task for this semester is to build a following on my professional Twitter page where I can interact with industry leaders, connect with unique socialites and network network network!



For the Twitter project I went back and forth on whether or not I should use my already established account or create a new account, in the end I ended up creating a new Twitter account. Looking back, I believe if I had used my previous account with my 200 plus followers I would have had a much stronger user engagement apart from my classmates and would have received a surge in impressions. This was a fun exercise because building a Twitter persona from scratch is not easy. This may seem like a daunting task but I am completely ready for a challenge.