Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 6

After watching this week’s lecture, begin thinking about what tasks and processes would be appropriate and interesting for you to write an instruction manual on for the next individual project. Possible instruction manuals should focus on your degree and career goals so that you create something relevant to your training and illustrative of your communication skills.

For this week’s Weekly Writing Assignment, write a 250-word memo addressed to Prof. Ellis with the subject line of “Instruction Manual Topic Selection.” In the body of your memo, discuss the pros and cons of three possible instruction manual topics and state which one you choose to work on for the project. Copy-and-paste your memo into a comment made to this post.

To aid in your thinking, review the links below for sample instruction manuals, and see a sample instruction manual outline at the bottom of this post.

Sample Instruction Manuals

Sample Instruction Manual Organization

1.0    Introduction
1.1    Purpose
1.2    Intended Audience
1.3    Scope
1.4    Organization Description
1.5    Conventions (abbreviations, left/right)
1.6    Motivation (answers the “so what” question)
1.7    Safety and Disclaimers
2.0    Description of the Equipment
2.1    Illustration of the Equipment
2.2    Description of the Equipment’s Parts
3.0    List of Materials and Equipment Needed
3.1    Illustration of the Parts Needed to Carry Out the Instructions
3.2    Tools needed
3.3    Table of the parts with description of each
4.0    Directions
4.1    Assemble the Skateboard
4.1.1    Step 1 (don’t write Step 1--write a brief statement on what the first step is)
4.1.2    Step 2
4.1.3    Step 3...Step n (write as many steps--briefly--as you can think of--you can fill this list out later)
5.0    Troubleshooting
6.0    Glossary
7.0    Reference List

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  1. TO: Prof. Jason Ellis
    FROM: Kanak Das
    DATE: 10/17/21
    SUBJECT: DNS Configuration instruction

    Configuring DNS in Windows Server 2012
    Open the Server Manager from the task bar.
    Click on DNS/ Right Click your server / select DNS Manger/ Click the Action Tab/ Select Configure a DNS Server.

    1. Select Configure a DNS Server in Windows Server 2012

    2. The Configure DNS Server Wizard will come up click Next to continue and select one of the following actions:
    3. Create a forward lookup zone
    A forward lookup zone is a DNS function that takes a domain name and resolves it to an IP address.
    4. Create forward and reverse lookup zones
    A reverse lookup zone is a DNS function that takes an IP address and resolves it to a domain name.
    5. Configure root hints only
    Root hints only Will have the IP addresses of DNS servers where records can be acquired.

    6.This is the Configure DNS Server Wizard screen output in Windows Server 2012

    7.Select where the DNS data will be maintained for your network resources, and then Click Next

    8. Selecting a Primary Server location in Windows Server 2012

    9. Enter your new zone name, in this case, your domain and Click Next.

    10. This is the zone name insert field when configuring DNS in Windows Server 2012

    11. Create a new zone file or use an existing one from a different DNS server

    12. Creating a Zone file when configuring DNS in Windows Server 2012

    13. Next you select how your server will respond to Dynamic Updates.

    14. Select the do not allow Dynamic Updates option while Configuring DNS in Windows Server 2012

    15. Select whether your DNS server should forward queries or not. If you choose YES, type the IP of the server and click Next. If NO, select No, it should not forward queries and Click Next.

    16. Select one of the options to configure forwarders when Configuring DNS in Windows Server 2012

    17. Click Finish and you’re all set.

    18. Completing the DNS configuration in Window Server 2012

  2. To: Prof Jason Ellis
    From: Ron Bepat
    DATE: 10/19/2021
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topic Section

    1. How to Use Packet Tracer (by doing a tutorial on a project)
    • This is part of my major so this will be a good introduction to those who want to be in IT.
    • Learning Packet tracer is important for learning the fundamentals of IT, and I have a lot to write about.
    • This is a software so to get any of the images for this it will be easy, and I don’t have to do much for modelling, besides making sure my diagrams are neat on the software for the user to see clearly.
    • I just started this class this semester I wouldn’t really say I have the best experience in this class, but I will try my best with the project I have in mind.
    • It is a time-consuming process for me so I will need a lot of time to sit down and do this project/ tutorial (which isn’t a problem to me it’s just a con)
    • I must make sure that every step is precise and right so the end-result could be easy to get to.

    2. How to Use KOMODO IDE (by doing a tutorial on how to make a basic website)
    • This will be a good introduction to those who want to create or design websites.
    • Learning KOMODO is a good way to introduce someone into making or building their own websites.
    • This software is easy for me to use, and I have a pretty good knowledge on how to make a basic working website.
    • I’ve only had experience making websites in 1 of my classes so it won’t be amazing these are just basics to get people introduced in it.
    • It’s been a while since I made a website but I’ve always wanted to get back into it so this will be a good time for me to refresh my skills.
    • I’m not sure (yet until I try) it will meet the threshold of 1000-1500 words, but I can try my best and making sure it’s in dept.

    3. How to use Python (by doing a tutorial on how to create a program)
    • Python is easy to use.
    • It’s my first programming language I learned.
    • It’s good for first timers getting into programming and very easy to explain.
    • I haven’t touched python in a while to create a solid lengthy project.
    • I’m not as good in python then I am in the other options this is my weakest in knowledge.
    • It would be challenging for me to find a way to complete 1000-1500 words.

  3. To: Prof Jason Ellis
    From: Brandon Sosa
    DATE: 10/19/2021
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topic Section

    Down below are all 3 of the ideas that I have brainstormed for my project.

    1. How to install a virtual box on too your computer.
    * Installing a VirtualBox onto a computer is a good way to be able to use a different operating system. Such as using a Mac Computer and using LINX on it. A virtual box can basically give you the interface of having to use and experience what another operating system is.

    2. How to install Netbeans 8.2 IDE on to computer to start learning how to use java
    * Installing Netbeans 8.2 IDE is an application that the user can use to learn the basics of how to use java. Java is a coding language among the other coding languages and for the user, they would have to install the java download first and then install the Netbeans download to be able to use the java application on the Netbeans platform.

    3. Learning the basics of HMTL and what application is best to use on
    * HTML is also another coding language I feel in my opinion it’s an easy coding language to understand and use. HTML is easier than java and probably the other coding languages as well. By learning HTML, the user would be able to learn how to create sentences in different sizes, colors, fonts, and many more things on a computer.

    Out of all of the ideas, I would pick either option 2 or 3.

  4. To: Prof Jason Ellis
    From: Ulises Mora
    DATE: 10/19/2021
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topic Section

    I have been thinking a lot, and only came up with two ideas on what to use to make an instruction manual related to my major. The first idea was how to use green screen or rather say chromakey, I would explain from how to install the green screen, explain the lighting and other visual effects, through the edition to make the background change effect. One of the cons of creating this Instruction Manual it would be that I would have to pay for the program editor in order to make this manual and also, I would have to get the green cloth. The second idea that occurred to me was to make a simple game either using python or using java, or even I could use HTML, combined with some java program language. I would explain the codes to any function or method to carry out the game, presenting screenshots of the codes as a resource of understanding the codes. The cons are that I would have to do more research about different functions and unknown programming language in JAVA, and it would probably take me longer to learn different commands. I really like both ideas, so I can’t choose one to start making this manual. I have to investigate a little more, to decide which one suits me best due to the time it will take me and the resources that are most provided to me. Therefore, I would need a little more time to make a final decision.

  5. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Shuaixiang Feng
    DATE: 10/19/2021
    SUBJECT: Instruction Manual Topic Selection
    The purpose of this memo is to pick up a topic to write down an instruction manual. While I write the instruction manual, I have to know how this thing works over here. That is the essential condition. The first that comes to my mind is HTML. Helping people establish their web will have much fun. I experienced creating a website because that is the final project in another class. By the way, I still forget many codes in the HTML language. So, writing down an instruction manual is doing a review for myself. It is a great chance to relearn the HTML language. The second possible choice is showing how to build a PC (Personal Computer). Building a personal computer is an exciting topic. I am not going to rebuild my PC as an image during the instruction manual. However, I found an exciting game called PC Building Simulator. I will use this game to simulate how to build a PC from zero to complete. In this game, the player can pick up and switch any components to establish the PC. Also, this game will highlight the component to remind the player it is the time to do this. So, the PC Building Simulator is a fantastic tool to help me to finish the manual. Another idea of the project is the camera. I have a Canon camera at my home. So, I always carry it and take the photo while I travel. I want to introduce the meaning of many camera settings and how it affects the photo. I also expect to share my experience of taking a great photo in different situations, such as facing sunshine or dark background. Eventually, I chose to write an instruction manual about Canon cameras.

  6. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: DeAndre Badresingh
    Date: October 19, 2021
    Subject: Instructional Manuel Topic Selection

    During my years studying computer information I have been working with many different aspects pertaining to it. Some involved installing software while others involved getting familiar with the hardware used in a system. For my instructional Manuel I will work demonstrating how to install, configure, and setup different versions of a virtual machine. With a virtual machine, you are able to use multiple operating systems on one single hardware device to utilize. The other two topics I debated on was installing windows 10 on a new computer and how to download and code using a software called IntelliJ. Out of the three, I chose to set up a virtual machine because it does relate to my major and some may find it confusing on the installation process in a whole. The cons of this is that installing a virtual machine is typically time consume and you have to allocate space ahead of time while configuring it. The pros of installing windows 10 allows other to see for future reference how to install another operating system on their device. The cons for this includes the time constraint and the need to potential purchase the software. Finally, the pros for downloading IntelliJ will show users how to navigate and get accustomed to using it. The cons includes purchasing requirements and advanced topics.

  7. To: Prof Jason Ellis
    From: Shemei John
    Date: 10/19/2021
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topic Section

    The three most interesting topics I would love to write an instruction manual on are the following:
    1. Building a computer from scratch. I thought this would be a good idea to start since it is the topic I am most familiar with it. With this topic as an instruction manual, one can understand how computers work and realize how easy it is to set up a computer, and if you know what you are doing.
    2. Building computer Networks. I put this one on the list since it intersects with the previous topic on my list. Networks are the backbone of Information Technology and the internet. By choosing to write an instruction manual on building a Network, one can gain insight into how computers communicate and how the internet works. Also, this can shed a lot of light on Network trouble-shooting skills to help solve many Network problems.
    3. Hacking a Nintendo 3DS system. This peculiar topic combines two things I love, video games and computers. I think writing a manual about hacking older consoles is fun since it involves video games, and by choosing this topic, one can understand how computer devices fundamentally work.
    Ultimately, I narrowed down my choice between writing a manual on hacking your Nintendo switch or the Nintendo 3DS. I choose to write my instruction manual on hacking a Nintendo 3DS because I hacked several Nintendo 3DS systems in the past, so I am confident I can write a manual on it. Finally, to further elaborate what the manual will be about, it is technically not ‘hacking’, because hacking is illegal. Hacking is just the terminology used because we will be accessing certain features of the device no regular person has access to when they buy a Nintendo 3DS from the factory. What this manual is showing you to do will be completely legal. We will be modifying the firmware inside the Nintendo 3DS.

  8. To: Prof: J. Ellis
    From: Quazi Hedayet
    Date: 10/20/2021
    Subject: Instruction Manual Options

    For me the three themes for this instruction manual that I’m considering about are:
    • How create an Android app
    • How to build a gaming PC
    • How to install Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

    • How to build an Android app: This is a topic which is relevant to my major subject. I studied and learned to build an android application in class a few semesters ago. I have had some success developing android apps. Developing a high-quality application takes a long time. If I am unable to complete it on time, I will simply try to design a basic Hello World app.

    • Smooth Device Compatibility: Android applications may operate on a variety of devices from various manufacturers. This means that the Android app will run well on every device, regardless of how well it is designed. This is no minor feat, and it was accomplished by meticulous attention to detail during the development and upgrade of the Android platform.
    • Deep Integration with Google: The development’s extensive integration with Google is one of the most significant advantages. Because Google owns the technology, Google apps perform better on Android devices.
    • Future Proof Technology: Android is a continually changing platform, and Google is always expanding what you can do with it. Android app development will always build a future-proof Android app with the support of Google’s revolutionary vision.

    • Security Concerns: In one area, iOS app development clearly outperforms Android app development: security. As we’ve seen with Android, the approval procedure is simple, which is a benefit that comes with its own set of drawbacks. Android is vulnerable to security risks and malicious behaviors due to the lack of stringent rules.

    • Higher Cost: When it comes to Android app development, the cost rises as you try to improve and polish your app. In general, the optimization of Android apps is more expensive.

    • Testing: Unlike iOS, Android is compatible with a wide range of devices, resulting in a significant surge in Android end-devices from various smartphone makers. The increased number of end-devices makes Android app testing incredibly tough, time-consuming, and costly. To put it another way, making your Android app compatible with every Android-supporting device is a massive effort in terms of time and money.

    • How to build a gaming PC: It could be enjoyable to build your own gaming PC. Rather of buying a pre-built PC, I choose to build my own. I will also try to learn how to build it from the concept to completion, and I will be able to choose the parts I want. For example, I would like to create it on a tight budget, but I do not want to lose performance at the expense of storage. In fact, if any parts fail, hopefully I will be able to diagnose the issue rather than having to take it to a local PC shop. On the other hand, YouTube has hundreds of videos about building a PC on any budget. People may not want to read an instruction manual for that, they may prefer to watch a ten-minute YouTube video instead. This instruction manual topic, in my opinion, may be uninteresting to some people.

    • It is less expensive. Yes, building your own PC is less expensive than buying a pre-built high-end workstation. This is because you can buy each component separately for less money than you would pay for a whole new workstation.
    • You Get Your Desired Result. When you buy a pre-built workstation or gaming PC from one of those big OEMs, you’re stuck with whatever alternatives they have. This means you could be paying for parts you don’t require or desire. You get exactly what you want by putting together your own system – nothing more, nothing less.
    • Pride in oneself. You’ll have something that you constructed from the ground up after all of the research, assembly, troubleshooting, and software installation.

    • You must complete all tasks on your own. To be effective at making your own PC, you must have at least a basic understanding of computer components. Installing the gear, configuring it effectively, and diagnosing issues will all take time and effort.
    • There is no assistance available. There isn’t any support like you’d get with a preassembled laptop. Velocity Micro, for example, features a PC Support Hub with lessons, warranty information, customer support, and a FAQ directory. Furthermore, all support is provided from within the United States.
    • There is no full warranty. Because all computer parts have the potential to malfunction, it’s critical to understand your warranty and what it covers. You won’t get an all-inclusive guarantee for your gaming computer; instead, you’ll get warranties for particular parts. If something goes wrong, one maker is likely to blame the other.

    • How to install Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp Assistant: The advantage is that I have the most recent MacBook. It operates just like a typical PC once Windows is installed and having two operating systems in one computer is convenient. The disadvantage is that I already have Windows installed on my MacBook. If I choose this topic for my instruction manual assignment, I will have to completely reset everything, which will take a long time because this is my only computer. The cost of installing Windows 10 was similarly $139 plus VAT.

    I am going to write about how to make an Android app for my writing instruction manual project.

  9. To: Prof Jason Ellis
    From: Jiaqi Huang
    DATE: 10/20/2021
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topic Section

    The purpose of this memo is to introduce the topic for the manual project. I made three options for the project in the beginning and they are:
    1. How to install VirtualBox into your computer
    VirtualBox is usually required in the virtual machine course and I also had this course this semester too. It allows you to use different operating systems on a single computer. It is a good choice when you want to experience different operating systems other than windows.

    2. How to install an android emulator and android application into your computer.
    Even though ios users take a large percentage of mobile phone users, there is one thing we can not deny is that android has more freedom on operating than ios system. Own two systems can provide more convenience to our lives.

    3. How to Reassemble your ps4 and how to clean it.
    Honestly, I really need this skill personally. It is a good chance to learn and share. A lot of people spend time and relax by playing games, so the maintenance of the ps4 is very important at this time.

    The first topic is only useful for virtual machine users most of the time. The android emulator is closer to my major but I am more interested in the third topic. I will pick the second one or the third one based on my materials situation.

  10. Jailbreaking an iPhone. Jailbreaking allows you to bring many new features to your device often soon to be implemented officially by apple. There have been certain disclosed vulnerabilities to apple but while apple has yet to patch them (6 months+ since disclosure), a tweak from a repository can be installed to ensure device security. Unfortunately, not all devices and iOS versions are supported and if improperly setup can lead to an unsecure device open for external attack.
    Downloading and installing visual studio. Visual studio is a very well-known development IDE. It’s a single application which can be used to develop on multiple languages on rather than other platforms which only support a single language. Unfortunately, with many languages support comes some issues in performance. Aside from that it also doesn’t support the vast majority of languages but rather just some of the more common ones (ex. C, C++, C#, vb.net, F#, and more…).
    Create your own domain. A domain is necessary for hosting a proper website. It’s not like you want someone to ask for your site and you give them an Ip address like instead of xyz.com. Owning a website allows you to stamp your name in the public world wide web. While it does cost a bit depending on the TLD and how special the domain name is, an average .com domain will run roughly $13 a year which isn’t something you should be too worried about. Unfortunately, the hardest part about this is that the world wide web wasn’t created a few years ago so majority of the public domain has already been taken.

  11. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Rameen Khan
    DATE: 10/20/2021
    SUBJECT: Instruction Manual Topic Selection
    As I have been gaining experience in the IT area, mostly in networking and security, I enjoy being involved in the installation of software and also learn about the hardware utilized in a system. For this project I would like to introduce my peers about virtual box, NetBeans and Python. This memo’s objective is to introduce the manual project’s theme. At the start of the project, I came up with three options:
    1. How to download Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows 10?
    Pros and Cons:
    • VirtualBox is a comprehensive virtualization for x86 hardware that may be used on servers, desktops, and embedded systems.
    • This product is a Type 2 hypervisor, which means it’s a virtualization host program that runs as an application on an existing operating system.
    • VirtualBox runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
    • Because it is open-source and free, VirtualBox has a lot of support.
    • VirtualBox is easy to install, takes a smaller number of resources, and is many people’s first choice.
    • Virtual machines can be infected with the weaknesses of the host machine.
    • The major drawback of the virtual machine is that it will have the impact of the computer’s slowness in the application of various processes, which means that the computer in which this process is operating must have a pretty remarkable capacity or be quite powerful.
    2. How to use and download NetBeans IDE to Run a Java Program?
    Pros and Cons:
    • It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Linux. We may also use all of the libraries available in the Linux environment.
    • Code auto-completion makes it easy to write good code.
    • NetBeans builds the configuration file for us, therefore it’s impossible for us to be unable to update it on various operating systems.
    • Storage consumption when large projects are opened in the IDE, it might consume a lot of memory.
    3. How to install and run python on windows 10?
    Pros and Cons:
    • Python is an interpreted language of programming with syntax that is similar to English. This helps make the code easier to read and comprehend.
    • Python is an extremely useful programming language. Python’s simplicity allows developers to concentrate on the subject at hand.
    • Python is released under an open-source license that has been authorized by the OSI.
    • The Coding consumes a lot of RAM. When we desire memory optimization in our applications, this can be a negative.
    • Runtime Errors can occur if an integer variable holds a string in the future.
    Option 1 or 2 would be my choice out of all of the options.

  12. Memo To: Prof Ellis
    From: Hamzat Olowu
    Date: 10/17/21
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topics
    The purpose of this memo is to analyze the options I can pick for my instruction manual project. I thought about the project and there are many topics that came to mind but the ones that might meet the ceiling requirement of 1500 – 2000 words are:
    How to use Flutter
    I would be reviewing my knowledge of dart, flutter, and mobile programming.
    It would be fun to build some simple mobile apps during the project.
    It has been quite some time since I used flutter.
    I would need to relearn some forgotten flutter widgets.
    Some explanations might be shallow.
    How to refine your programming skills with Object-Oriented Programming
    I am taking a class similar to it this semester.
    There are many concepts to write about.
    I am more comfortable with this topic.
    The knowledge is still fresh for this topic.
    There are many examples to use from the class I am taking.
    Might be difficult for a person without programming knowledge to understand.
    How to use SQL
    Similar to a class am taking currently.
    Some concepts are easy to write about.
    Some concepts are hard to understand.
    There might be some shallow explanations.
    It might be hard to meet the word requirement.

  13. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Edwin Ascencio
    Date: 10/19/21
    Subject: Instruction Manual Topic Section

    In this memo I have thought of 3 themes that I could potentially use to create an Instruction manual. Some of these ideas are correlated to Electrical Engineering Technology that I took over the years or something that is related to my career goals or something of interest.

    1. How to use C++ and code a program to simulate rolling a six-sided die.
    • This will introduce other students a programming language called C++
    • Students will see where to install C++ software and understand a bit of the fundamentals of C++
    • This programming language will show other users how to write a code that will simulate rolling a six-sided die by using Random Number Generator.
    • I only took this class for one term, and I understood the basics of programming. I am not proficient enough to explain the code in detail.
    • I have ensured each step is understandable to the audience and explain what each command code does.
    • There may be another efficient way to create a six-sided die and I could be demonstrating a long version of the code
    2. How to use MATlab and verify Ohm’s Law.
    • This programming software is used in my Electrical Engineering classes, and I am very familiar with the concepts
    • This software could provide a visual representation of Ohm’s law and display the principles on a graph.
    • This software functions as a calculator and it will demonstrate basic algebra regarding Ohm’s law. The user will not need to perform any hand calculations only if the users want to verify the Matlab results.
    • MATlab is not very user friendly and requires exact code commands to execute a problem
    • It could be tedious trying to debug code if you are new to MATlab
    • When installing MATlab you must know which toolbox you will be installing to perform to certain math operations.
    3. How to build an app using MIT App inventor
    • This will be a good introduction to those who want to create or design a basic app
    • This app will be able to connect to other electronic devices and could perform basic tasks
    • There are many functions that can be uncorrupted when building a app
    • The MIT app could be paired and function to an Arduino
    • The MIT app inventor is only for android but there is a way to connect it to iPhone. The procedure to connecting to an iPhone is unknown to me
    • I must make a basic electrical project that uses an Arduino and find a way to implement an MIT app. The app is dependent on what the user wants it to do.
    • There is not basic tutorial on how to build an app, you must use trial and error to figure out each component does and how it works. The app is just building block that can connect with another piece.
    I will choose the second option as I enjoy working with MATlab.

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