Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 3

Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 3

This week’s Weekly Writing Assignment has two parts. The first part should be submitted as a comment made to this post. The second part should be conducted over email with your team. Watch this week’s lecture from start to finish before proceeding.

The first component of this week’s Weekly Writing Assignment is the beginning research that you need to accomplish for the second major project: 750-1000-Word Expanded Definition. Think of several possible technical or scientific terms, phrases, or acyonyms that would be interesting to research the definition, etymology, and context of. Then, using the resources described in the Week 3 lecture, see which term might have the most useful material for you to use on the project. Once you see which term might yield the most research material, write a 250-word memo describing the terms that you considered, which library and approved sources yielded the most useful material (give accurate and specific titles), and what term you decided to choose for your expanded definition based on what you found in your initial research. Your memo should look like this:

TO: Prof. Ellis
FROM: [Your Name]
DATE: 9/29/2021
SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: [Term you selected]

First sentence should state the purpose of the memo in your own words. Follow with the possible terms you choose from, discuss the resources that you looked in, and state which term you chose for your expanded definition based on your initial research.

After you have written your memo, copy-and-paste it into a comment made to this post and click “Post Comment.” As I showed in a previous lecture, you click on the title of “Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 3” and scroll to the bottom to find the comment box where you copy-and-paste your memo.

The second component of this week’s Weekly Writing Assignment is to use email to connect with your teammates by clicking “Reply All” to the email that Prof. Ellis will send to each team. Follow the directions in Prof. Ellis’ email to initiate introductions and to share the draft of your 500-Word Summary rough draft with your teammates for peer review. We will talk about revising and posting the final draft of your 500-Word Summary during next week’s lecture.

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  1. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Brandon Sosa
    Date: September 24th, 2021
    Subject: Expanded Word Definition

    The purpose of this memo is to highlight the most used words in the Computer Information System major. There are many terms used within this major and it is a lot to memorize. Some terms that come to mind are CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), Hardware, Software, Hard Disk Drive, and many more other terms. Some resources I investigated for finding my perspective word has been the Oxford English Dictionary, the Oxford Reference, and the Gale Virtual Reference. The word I have chosen for my Expanded Word Definition project is CPU “Central Processing Unit”.

  2. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: DeAndre Badresingh
    Date: 09/29/2021
    Subject: Expanded definition Term: Malware

    The purpose of this memo it’s elaborate on the word that I have chosen for the expanded definition. Out of careful consideration and thought about how in-depth the term could be, I chose the word malware. The other terms that I debated on choosing included breach and iteration. The resources that I will be using to conduct my expanded definition will be the New York City College of technology library database where I will use the encyclopedia to look for current and old definitions. I will also be describing how the word is used in different situations and how it affects different people. Based on my initial research I would first be describing the current use of the word, its connotation, and its denotation. By doing so I can describe two ways in which people might interpret this word and how it will be used throughout the expanded definition. One main reason as to why I chose the word malware is because throughout the summary of my article come up malware was used in different forms to describe a type of attack. By describing what malware is in the different forms of it I can be more fluid in my expanded definition. in doing so I can also make a comparison between the article that I have written a summary about and the term itself. in conclusion I look forward to describing this term in the different ways it is portrayed.

  3. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Kanak Das
    DATE: 9/29/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Firewall

    Firewall is one of the important topic on Information technology. The purpose of the memo indicates that the computer or the network we use; how it can protect our information, data and applications. There are also other terms that goes along with Firewall, such as Wireless security, Network Security, Virtual private network(VPN), Virus, Ransomware. Some resources I have used for research to focus on my term is New york city tech library database, forcepoint, vmware, Dictionary.com. the term I have selected to focus is Firewall; A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic. My interest in computer is mostly network security where firewall comes up big when computer or network requires protection from hackers or malicious users.

  4. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Ulises Mora
    Date: September 28, 2021
    Subject: Expanded Word, Term: Troubleshooting

    The purpose of this memo is to present some computers term related to films and movies production. I consider three terms specifically, these are: chromakey, special effects, and troubleshooting. These three terms are relatively related to my major which is Computer System. I ended up choosing troubleshooting because it is the one that I could get more information and resources in the City Tech library that is related to Computers, for the other terms I found articles and books related only to movies and cinematography, so they were not material connected to my major. However, the etymological definition of troubleshooting is not well specified. On the other hand, the terms: special effects, and chromakey which is the same as green screen, showed well know etymological definitions but again it was mostly associated with films. I was able to get more general material or better opportunities to write an essay of one term related to my major thorough the word “Troubleshooting.” I am using this word because I want to know the depth of a word that relates to film production or animation because it will help after I graduate to specialize in something related to any cinematography field. With the help of eBook Central, Oxford Reference, the City Tech Library and Google in general, it allowed me to choose the word “Troubleshooting” and give me knowledge, and support to start writing an essay on the definition of a term related to Computer Systems.

  5. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Roshel Babayev
    Date: September 28th, 2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Protection

    I’m writing to elaborate on which key word yielded the most useful results. As common or familiar as this word may sound, the way in which the article portrayed this word unique. A word this common has definitions available for it in many places and even you more than likely know what it means especially due to the currently ongoing pandemic and how we are mandated to wear face masks or to get the vaccine as a form of protection against the virus. The word has quite the reputation especially on the City Tech library and because of how it’s portrayed as an important key point in the article, it made sense to select this word. While there were other words like “tampering” and “attack(s)”, they all relate to protection at the end of the day. The article went on to mention how there are many virtual attacks and the types of protections implemented today utilized to mitigate these attacks. As a CST student heading for the programming pathway, protection is a key point in software development. In order to prevent infiltration and exploitation of our systems, we attempt to protect our code. This is a concept that should be known and recognized by many others but unfortunately that isn’t the case leading to many software breaches and attacks. There are many forms of protection in this world but while they may exist around us, they are useless unless they are known about and implemented.

  6. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Ron Bepat
    Date: September 28th, 2021
    Subject: Expanded Word Definition: Encryption/ Cryptology

    The purpose of this memo is to explore some of the most use terms in Computer Information Systems what i ended up using was Encryption. This is an important Topic because learning about Encryption can help cybersecurity professionals learn about the problems plaguing the internet today and how to prevent these problems could be encryption. Encryption is the literal process of encoding data so that it could be indescribable to the naked eye, the data can be read after using software to decrypt or crack the code. It’s a topic I can delve deeper into. After Researching different terms such as Malware, Worm, Firewall, Ransomware, Virus, Scripting, Programming, Functions, & Encryption I stopped at Malware as it’s a topic that could be expanded on. All the research I have done was from using the City Tech Library some of the databases i have use like IEE Xplore, Academic Onefile Gale, EBISCO, (i haven’t used Science Direct yet but will use it in the coming future for the Project.) Oxford Dictionary hasn’t given me a well crafted definition but it did give me good Edamology so an alternative research guide i used is the Encyclopedia Britianica. Using this research I would describe scenarios in which encryption is being used. Explaing the importance of it and why it’s still beig used to this day. For the edamology of encryption based of the Oxford Dictionary this term was used back in the 1960 in the US Navy even before computers were being sold to consumers, where they would encrypt messages so regular people won’t be able to decipher it.

  7. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Shuaixiang Feng
    DATE: 9/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Digital
    The purpose of the Word Expanded Definition Term memo is focusing a term on its etymology and historical development, compare and contrast the meaning of this term. My major is Computer Science and Technology, while I am thinking that many terms come into my mind such as digital, cybernetics, data, and many other terms. Some terms have a longer history than the history of Computer Science. Digital is a nice choice. It started being used on 1400s, there are great way to view how the 1400s people used this word and compared with the meaning of we used on this century. I expect my research can investigate its historical development and etymology to understand the history of human, and the development and difference on the society. Digital is the word I have chosen for my Word Expanded Definition Term project. All sources I investigated for terms definition from Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Reference, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and IEEE Xplore.

  8. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Jiaqi Huang
    DATE: 9/29/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Virtual

    The purpose of this memo is to elaborate on the word I pick for the expanded definition project. I picked three words at the beginning, virtual, network and space. The term Network is kind of a new word, it doesn’t have that much history than the other two terms. I can not get enough information for the expanding project. For the term space, we know it is a big prerequisite for everything to work normally, computer systems are no exception. But the term space is an old word and has various meanings in different areas. It can represent time, the universe, etc. Though it has such various meanings, the term virtual is more related to my major computer information system, and it is also more representative in the computer field, which means it is more close to a special word for a specific area. At least people now heard the term virtual will associated with computer stuff immediately. The term space is not only used in academic fields, we also use it in our daily life. That’s why I chose the term virtual instead of space. The term virtual has been clearly pointed out to the “virtual technology” in the past few years. As new technology in these years, virtual technology is relatively mature than others and there is considerable room for development, no matter the technology itself or in the applied fields. I want to know more about virtual technology.

  9. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Mohammed Sakib Islam
    Date: September 29th, 2021
    Subject: Expanded Word Definition: Alternating current (AC)

    The purpose of this memo is to further clarify the word I have chosen for the expanded definition and, also talk about some predominant words used in Electrical Engineering Technology. One of the basic yet important element in Electronics is alternating current (AC). Alternating current (AC) is an electric current whose direction changes periodically and continuously changes in magnitude with time, unlike direct current (DC) which only flows in one direction. As a result, the voltage level also reverses along with the current. Alternating current is used to supply electricity to homes, office buildings, etc. To study about alternating current we must know about some important terms such as: Waveform, Cycle, Time period, Frequency, Peak value, Phase difference, etc. One of the prime reasons alternating current is important because Alternating current is important because its voltage can be stepped up and down as required, thereby reducing power loss during transmission. Some resources that I’ve used for my terminology-focused research are the New York City Technology Library Database, the Oxford English Dictionary and Google.

  10. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Hamzat Olowu
    Date: 9/29/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Data Structure

    The objective of this memo is to accentuate one of the most important term for programmers and software engineers. Programming is a concept that has a lot of useful terms but the most important terms at this time would be Data structures, algorithm, recursion, and Big-O notation. The resources that helped me in finding these terms are Oxford English Dictionary, NYCCT library database, Google scholars, and Oxford Reference. After careful considerations I decided on Data Structures for my expanded word definition. What is Data Structure? It is how a collection of data is organized.

  11. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Norbert Derylo
    Date: 09/29/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Network

    This memo is to declare what word I have chosen to research the etymology of that relates to computer information systems. I decided to cast my net wide when search and included some more basic terms. I decided to research terms like network, digital, virtual, quantum, and augment. I ended up searching these terms using the Oxford English Dictionary, Google Scholar, and the NYCCT library database. The words that I chose all are related to the foundations of modern computer improvements. In the end I ended up choosing network as my word of study. Network is a word that goes back to ancient times relating to fishing nets and how they were made. The part I wanted to focus on is how network ended up describing computers connecting to each other. I’ll end up looking at the various different ways it has been used and why network was used to describe groups of computers.

  12. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: [ Shemei John]
    DATE: 9/29/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: [Transhumanism]

    The intent of this memo is to introduce and inform technological Terminology words we may or may not be fully familiar with. Terms such as “Networks”, “the internet of things”, “information technology”, “information sciences”, “data”, “transhumanism”, “hive-mind concept” and “Artificial Intelligence”. After careful consideration, I decided to research the term “Transhumanism”. Although, according to my oxford definition source, the term isn’t mentioned a lot in today’s topics regarding technology, I do find it to be fascinating since it deals with the ideology that Mankind will transcend our current limitations through the use of technology. There are several sources I am considering for this topic to convey the definitions. So, I am going to include the definition of the word and its origins, throughout its history, from the Oxford dictionary’s etymology, and also from an excerpt taken from the books, Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering: A Global Resource(Vol. 4. 2nd ed.), and the Encyclopedia of Bioethics(Vol. 5. 3rd ed.), on Transhumanism, which discusses the ideology behind the term and its definition today. I am currently still looking for a few more sources that will help me to convey how the nuance of the word from it’s inception to the way the word is used today.

  13. To Professor Ellis
    From: Edwin Ascencio
    Date: 9/29/21
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Nanotechnologies

    The intent of this memo is to introduce the term Nanotechnologies and the meaning that is portrayed in the article. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Nanotechnology refers to the branch of science and engineering committed to designing, producing, and using structures by manipulating atoms and molecules at nanoscale.In the Aviation Industry the nanotechnology that is being implemented is the creation of thin film coating for the structural integrity and for instruments located in the cockpit. The application of nanotechnology involves new materials that have special properties and special effects compared to modern material. This is possible because of a higher surface to volume ratio of nanoparticles compared to larger particles. By using Nanotechnologies it can be impactful on society. Nanotechnology has been adapted by industrial, communication, information, food technology, energy technology, and in medical practices. With nanomaterials, it offers new ways to reduce environmental pollution.

  14. To Professor Ellis
    From: Quazi Hedayet
    Date: 09/29/21
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Social Media Networking

    This message is to announce the word I’ve chosen to research the origins of Computer Information Systems. When searching, I decided to broaden my search and add some more fundamental terms. I chose to look up terms like social networks, information technology, data analysis, virtual communications, among others.

    As I have chosen networking as my major, so I did focus on social media networking system mainly. Social media networking is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities. Social networking is the process of increasing one’s business and/or social contacts through connecting with others, usually through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, TikTok etc. By 2023, the number of social media users in the United States is forecast to increase to approximately 257 million. User-generated content and customized accounts are common components of social media. Since social media began as a way to connect with friends and family, but also it was quickly adopted by businesses looking to reach out to customers through a popular new communication tool. The ability to connect and share information with everyone on the planet, or with a large number of people at once, is the power of social media.

    So far I have been researching, The NYCCT library database, Google Scholars, and Oxford References were all helpful in locating these terms.

  15. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Sebastian Vela
    Date: 10/01/2021
    Subject: Expanded definition Term: Branching

    The purpose of this memo is to explore and focus on a technical term that I will pick for the expanded definition project. Three of the terms I considered were branching, network, and program. I picked the word branching because in the programming world it is very commonly used, and every programmer will eventually have to do some sort of branching. Even though I don’t write code much anymore I still do enjoy talking about programming because it’s what got me into computers when I was in high school. Some of the resources that I used were dicionary.com, Oxford English dictionary, and techopedia.com.

  16. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Sebastian Vela
    Date: 10/01/2021
    Subject: Expanded definition Term: Branching

    The purpose of this memo is to explore and focus on a technical term that I will pick for the expanded definition project. Three of the terms I considered were branching, network, and program. I picked the word branching because in the programming world it is very commonly used, and every programmer will eventually have to do some sort of branching. Even though I don’t write code much anymore I still do enjoy talking about programming because it’s what got me into computers when I was in high school. Some of the resources that I used were dicionary.com, Oxford English dictionary, and techopedia.com.

  17. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Rameen Khan
    Date: 10/1/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: LINUX
    The goal of the Word Expanded Definition Term memo is to emphasize on a technical terms and temporal development, as well as compare and contrast its interpretation. And to highlight the most used words in the Computer Information System major. I looked up concepts such as networks, information technology and data analysis beside others related to CIS Major, and considered how extensive the word may be. Linux is the word I’ve picked for my Expanded Word Definition project. Other names I considered including Hardware, Software, CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), Encryption, CentOS and Decryption. Based on my preliminary research, I would first describe the word’s historical use, implication, and signification. The earliest use of this word started in 1991 by L. B. Torvalds and in this project, I will talk how this word has been used differently based on this use of a term over time. Sources that I looked into through (The New York City College of Technology) library database will be used to perform my expanded definition, and I wound up utilizing the Oxford English Dictionary, Gale eBook, Oxford English and IEEE Xplore to look for these phrases. My main area of interest in computers is networking and Linux is important part of operating system which manages a system’s hardware and resources, like CPU, memory and storage. Linux is also compatible with personal computers, mobile devices, tablet computers, routers, and other embedded systems.

  18. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Edwin Ascencio
    Date: 9/29/21
    Subject: Expanded Definition of Aerospace and Aeronautical

    The purpose of this memo is to provide some insights and elaboration on two terms within the aviation field. The two terms that I have selected to elaborate are: aerospace and aeronautical. These terms are related to my field of study, Aviation and the two terms has unique specialties that contribute to my field. According to IEEE Transaction on Aerospace-Support Article, definition, aerospace is an industry that is concerned with the design and manufacture of aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft that operate within the Earth’s atmosphere. The etymology of aerospace consists of two words, aero and space. Aero is referred to atmosphere and space refers to the outside of the earth. We can see the connection between the words, and we can arrive at the actual definition of aerospace. The term aeronautical can be misleading to people who takes the words apart and translate them into their specific meaning. The word aero is related to aircraft or flight or atmosphere and the word nautical translate to maritime. Therefore, aeronautical could be misinterpret to people as being related to water and flight. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of aeronautical is a science dealing with the operation of aircraft. The two words are intertwin with the Aviation field because it focusses on aircraft and its operating function. We have aircraft that could fly in Earth’s atmosphere and below Earth’s atmosphere. One example where we can see both terms principle being used is the SR-71 (Blackbird). Before the SR-71 was retired, the aircraft was able to fly at high altitudes to a point it cruised near the edge of space. The aircraft was designed during the Cold War period and had massive research done to be able to reach high altitudes and high speed (200mph). This was how aerospace and aeronautical connect to aviation.

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