500 – Word’s how escalators change our sense of space forever

TO: Prof. Ellis
FROM: Olamide Yomi
DATE: Sep 20, 2021,
SUBJECT: 500 – Word’s how escalators change our sense of space forever

The following is a 500-word or close to 500-word summary of a peer-reviewed article that describes computer science and the importance of teaching computer science in methodology method to help students get a wide view of computer science. This will give students more zest in every course they take. According to the author of the article with teaching computer in a methodology method “guide students to understand computer science from a higher perspective and learn computer science through the methodology of subject and educate students to face the future.” [1, p. 293].

The introduction of computer science and technology help provide students with the understanding of computer science major, by which setting a stage for students to think about computer science course more deeply. There are two types of computers and technology arrangement. One is the general understanding of soft and hardware and mastering the utilization of the operating system and office software, the other is also comparable to the methodology of computer science and technology trying to understand deeply its basic sequence.

College basics teach computer from implementation limiting student perspective of the computer science. Unlike methodology of computer science and technology dive deeper into the cognition of nature of computer science and the main field and essential character of computer science.

The researcher hopes to get a new perspective of the “methodology of the subject” and introduce core conception, essential question, typical teaching method, and knowledge system. They also trust that students would understand the higher perspective and learn it through the methodology of the subject and educate to face the future. In this article Educationalist B. A Cyxomjnhcknn says “learning interests are the important part of learning activities” [2, p. 293].  interest in computer course itself is what attracts students and scared them at first. The cultivation of the student’s interest is the top consideration for all teachers. Teachers must lead students into learning it.

Core technologies and core concepts will help students understand the strategies of learning computer science. Algorithms describe the process of solving a problem and taking limited procedures in solving it. Students would be to learn about algorithms both emotionally and rationally make a description in form.

According to students’ questionnaires, 88 percent wish they can apply the skill to using the software after they finish their course. Teachers have the responsibility to constructing works so students can study themselves and their practical abilities through task-driven mode.

the main content of the theoretical part is the introduction of computer hardware and software systems; the scientific problem has three discipline forms and the core concepts. Typical mathematical method and system and system science. Students thought of enlightened through the proportional variation-seeking algorithm, the mathematical method for problem-solving and this make them realized the leading character of mathematics in computing discipline and guidelines of subject methodology. This improves their curiosity and their thirst for knowledge can be inspired. Strong practical characteristics will be able to demonstrate to students when they get on a computer, they can watch and simultaneously operate.

Every teacher has a concept about the methodology of computer science and technology. The teaching

Schools should adopt different means of teaching students different means to teach content. The most important is to implement research-oriented teaching in the classroom.

[1]          Fu Hefang and Li Zhaoxia, “Research and discussion on Introduction to Computer Science and Technology teaching based on methodology,” 2010 2nd International Conference on Education pp. 293-295 Technology and Computer, 2010, https://doi: 10.1109/ICETC.2010.5529680.

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