Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 3

This week’s Weekly Writing Assignment has two parts. The first part should be submitted as a comment made to this post. The second part should be conducted over email with your team. Watch this week’s lecture from start to finish before proceeding.

The first component of this week’s Weekly Writing Assignment is the beginning research that you need to accomplish for the second major project: 750-1000-Word Expanded Definition. Think of several possible technical or scientific terms, phrases, or acronyms that would be interesting to research the definition, etymology, and context of. Then, using the resources described in the Week 3 lecture, see which term might have the most useful material for you to use on the project. Once you see which term might yield the most research material, write a 250-word memo describing the terms that you considered, which library and approved sources yielded the most useful material (give accurate and specific titles), and what term you decided to choose for your expanded definition based on what you found in your initial research. Your memo should look like this:

TO: Prof. Ellis
FROM: [Your Name]
DATE: 9/29/2021
SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: [Term you selected]
First sentence should state the purpose of the memo in your own words. Follow with the possible terms you choose from, discuss the resources that you looked in, and state which term you chose for your expanded definition based on your initial research.

After you have written your memo, copy-and-paste it into a comment made to this post and click “Post Comment.” As I showed in a previous lecture, you click on the title of “Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 3” and scroll to the bottom to find the comment box where you copy-and-paste your memo.

The second component of this week’s Weekly Writing Assignment is to use email to connect with your teammates by clicking “Reply All” to the email that Prof. Ellis will send to each team. Follow the directions in Prof. Ellis’ email to initiate introductions and to share the draft of your 500-Word Summary rough draft with your teammates for peer review. We will talk about revising and posting the final draft of your 500-Word Summary during next week’s lecture.

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  1. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Jared Williams
    Date: 9/29/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Computer
    The purpose of this memo is to introduce the definition that I am going to be expanding upon. My original list of choices for terms to expand upon was Internet of Things, smart home technology, smart home, internet, and computer. I was thinking of expanding upon Internet of things or smart home technology, but I didn’t want to sound repetitive, as that was the subject of my 500-word summary. Internet was a close contender, but I decided to go with computer due to its history and the way in which the term changed. First, I searched for the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of a computer. The page had the original definition of a computer and the definition of what we now recognize as a computer; even including a quote that describes what the previous definition of a computer would be called today. The next source I used was from McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (5th ed.). This source provided me with a more modern definition, but also included the distinction between an analogue and digital computer as well as some of the definitions that branched from the term “computer” such as distributed computers and supercomputer. My third source is from Computer Sciences (Vol. 1: Foundations: Ideas and People. 2nd ed.) which has a section dedicated to the description and applications of supercomputers. While a supercomputer can be expanded upon on its own, I decided to include it as well since it falls under the umbrella of a computer.

  2. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: [Your Name]
    DATE: 9/29/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: API / algorithm
    First sentence should state the purpose of the memo in your own words.

    The purpose of this memo is to delve into things related to my major, computer systems technology, so I can be more informed on the matter and expand my knowledge of the subject. The expanded definition terms that I was thinking of using for the upcoming assignments are between API, short for Application programming interface, and algorithm. What I used to look into these terms for the memo was the OED, short for the Oxford English Dictionary. I looked into these two terms because they both revolve in some way towards what I am majoring here at city tech. I want to become a software developer. To become a software developer knowing certain algorithms make working easier. API revolves around computing application programming. It has its own set of jobs it is required to do to utilize or operate with things such as software, websites, set of data, and more. Between the two terms I will be picking to go through with the API term for the upcoming writing assignment. I am picking API so I can look more into the Java programming languages API because that is what I am interested in, I am looking to program as a java software developer. Algorithms works as well because it revolves into more than just programming but I thought it would’ve been interesting to mention too.

  3. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Muztahid Sakif
    Date: 9/29/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition: cloud, firewall, encryption

    The purpose of this memo is to introduce the terminologies that I’m considering expanding on. My 500-word summary was related to cyber security. Terminologies like cloud, firewall, and encryption all related to security. The term cloud is really intriguing to me as it’s very complex and it’s something I’m interested in getting involved with in the future. I used the Oxford English Dictionary to get a brief overview of these terms. My brief research suggested that the terms firewall and encryption might not be ideal for expanding. With the term cloud, I can write about the history and importance of cloud in today’s market. It’s a very relevant term especially in the IT/security industry and I’m hoping to gain more of an insight after the paper. I also have access to a textbook called “Cloud Computing: A Hands-On Approach 1st Edition” which I plan on using for this writing assignment. This book is also designed for Seniors/recent graduates which makes it ideal for me.

  4. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Anthony Cuomo
    Date: 09/28/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Encryption

    The purpose of this memo is to expand upon the definition of a word or phrase that is related to what I am majoring in. My major is in Computer information systems on a cyber security tract, so I had thought of some terms that can relate. Those terms included encryption, authenticity, and the acronym D.D.o.S. I had searched these words and acronyms in Oxford English dictionary, which turned up a plethora of results for every word I chose. Next up was Merriam Webster followed by IEEE Xplore. These two sources did not give me as much as I would have hoped for especially for the word authenticity. Lastly, I searched through the computer security resource center at csrc.nist.gov and again I found a good amount of information for encryption and D.D.o.S but not on authenticity. Between the three options I had given myself I thought it would be best for me to have my expanded definition term be “Encryption”. I chose this word because I felt it was a word that some readers would already be familiar with. My goal for using this term is to expand the readers knowledge of the word to better reflect its purpose and importance regarding my current studies. Encryption was also the term that I feel yielded the best results in terms of research and getting a variety of sources and definitions that would be relevant, but would still feel new to the readers.

  5. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Victor Li
    Date: 9/29/2021
    Subject: Python Programming and Networking
    The purpose of writing this memo is to introduce the definition that I am going to be expanding my knowledge on. Python and networking are the words that I will be using for my future assignments. These two words relates to my major which is Computer Information Systems. Python is a high-level programming language used by programmers for coding. Networking is the study of computers and can be linked to share data. It also involves the database. It is also related to my major, which is Computer Information Systems. My 500-word essay will be based on Python and Networking. I am more into this topic. I’m also good at networking and interacting online. I want to learn more Python programming and networking so I can use this to my advantage when can program things for my future job. I want to be an IT specialist in the future. Networking is important in the technology world.

  6. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Rifat Bhuiyan
    DATE: 9/29/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Software Development

    The purpose of this memo is to introduce the definition term Software Development, which I will go to be expanding. I have taken other Definition terms are Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Algorithms. These are related to my college major and modern-day technology.
    After seeing the definition for the different terms, I wanted to go with the software development definition term because my goal is to be a software developer, so by writing an expanded definition term paper, I can gain more knowledge about software development.
    I also researched two other terms in the Oxford English dictionary and, I think it will be complicated for me to develop 750 words expand Definition term paper.
    I got the definition for software development from the Oxford English dictionary “Programs designed to enable a computer to perform a particular task or series of tasks”.I can already connect my thoughts with this definition.

  7. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Rosario Garcia
    DATE: 9/30/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term Programming, Cybersecurity
    The purpose of the memo is to explain the reason why Software Developer and Programming is important because related to the major in. The type of major I chosen and reason why how cybersecurity is important. The reason why I choose these words because the first word is the programming, I chosen my major is Computer System Technology the pathway to choose is software development. Which that software develop requires multiple programming application. The second word is cybersecurity it is important because to have protect from privacy and protection from data the internet. The resources I used is Merriam webster is dictionary. The Merriam Webster defined is programming as a “the process of preparing an instructional program for a device (such as a computer)”. Cybersecurity definition Merriam Webster by “measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack.” I defined based my research that it is important to have a cybersecurity is to protect people privacy important stay protect from unknown application or programs, websites on the internet. Programming and cybersecurity are related to the research project able to learn and understand the way to program. Programming is important because to understand the way software develop is to understand different type of program applications java, python, sql and html. Cybersecurity is important to further research is find a way to stay protect from the internet. Programming and cybersecurity are important because finding way to protect from the internet and understand the way to program applications.

  8. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Alex Cheung
    DATE: Sept. 29,, 2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Denial of Service

    The purpose of this memo is to introduce the definition term denial of service. Other terms I thought of using were data oriented programming, object oriented programming, and networking. All these terms relate to my major which is computer systems. Looking this term up on the Oxford English Dictionary gave an in-depth explanation of the word and its history. After looking up the word on OED I proceeded to look for resources on the topic on IEEE xplore which came up with many articles and papers on this term. I have also read through the section about denial of service attacks in the textbook titled “Principles of Information Security” by Michael E. Whiteman and Herbert J. Mattord which went on to discuss the different types of denial of service attacks and discussed how to defend against the attacks. I’ve also visited the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency where they went in-depth about how they work and how not to be a part of it. I’ve also looked into the words data oriented programming and object oriented programming but I don’t think I will be able to write a paper entirely on those terms alone. And for the term networking, it relates to my chosen term of denial of service attacks. The reason I chose the term denial of service is because in today’s internet, there will always be cyber criminals who utilize this method to extort or mess around with businesses or communities. Learning about this term is important because it threatens the smooth flow of data throughout the internet.

  9. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Olamide Yomi
    Date: 10/3/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Web Developer, Front-end
    Developer, Backend-Developer

    The purpose of this memo is to expand up the definition of a word that in relation to my major in college. I wanted to expand more on the topic for later research and gain more knowledge on the words. The Terms/words include Web-Developer, Front-end Developer, Backend- Developer. The term Web-Developer is the one I am particularly focusing my attention on. I used the Oxford English Dictionary to get a brief overview of the terms, and according to it, a web developer is a person who develops a website and online application, esp. Oxford English Dictionary couldn’t give me definitions for both front-end developer and back-end developer. I have chosen to write about web-developer not only because it is what I plan to do after graduating college, but it also gives me the best option in terms of expanding on another topic in terms of computer programming in general, research on topics like HTML, CSS JavaScript, and other related web-developer topics. I also look into an article talking about Web-Developer, using the IEEE I was able to find an article by “S. Jeary, K. Phalp, L. Xu, and P. de Vrieze” this article talked about the requirements framework intended to guide novice web developers about the bases of the web a developer. This is perfect for research because not only will be learning about the foundation of a good web developer I will teaching to other web developers about it. Web developers are very important to this model age of technology.

  10. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Pape Diop
    DATE: 10/03/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Software Programming, Cyber Security and Database.

    The purpose of this memo is to explain the definition of Software Programming. My original possible terms are Software Programming, Cyber Security, and Database, but I chose to talk about Software in this memo it is the system that I am majoring in. Also, I wanted to learn deep into the history of Software. For this research, I’ve used Oxford English Dictionary to get a more accurate definition of the term software in general. Based on my researches, Software is programs designed to enable a computer to perform a particular task or series of tasks. The software can also be defined as a computer spirit, invisible to see into the hardware. I have been interested in Software Programming since I was 14 years old. I have been learning about Software programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Json, XML, SQL. These are few programming languages I have been learning how to compute and design applications. I did also found an article in my research by “P. Dickinson, pride of Heroes 187” which talks about a rather wet young man who sells software for computers. This is awesome because the software allows you to be creative as your own, you can make some outstanding programs for companies. Overall, I did learn new things about Software in general during my research and this actually helps me to be more knowledgeable about my career and goals.

  11. TO: Prof. Ellis
    DATE: 10/7/2021
    SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: “Microprocessor”

    This writing is in regards of the expanded definition assignment and as of the first part of it choosing the preferred term based on the field of study, career and personal interests and also library resources. I was able to follow the steps shown on the video lecture on how to browse through the school library resources and look up a few definitions that I had in my mind and that relate to my major. I am majoring In Electrical Engineering and had a few terms to discuss such as capacitors, frequency, inverter, microcontroller, microprocessor etc. There is tons of information about almost all these terms but I chose “microprocessor” term to be my term for this assignment. There is information on microprocessor definition and more on Oxford dictionary, Britannica, and a few Electrical Engineering books found under City Tech Library resources. I am almost sure that any electrical engineer should have a considerable knowledge about microprocessors.

  12. To: Professor Ellis
    From: Kiara Ortiz
    Date: 09/29/2021
    Subject: Expanded Definition Term: Blockchain

    The main objective of this memo is to introduce the main definition that I will be expanding on further. Initially a few of my options, including Blockchain, consisted of network slicing, 5G, Quality of Service (QoS), and Smart Contracts. I decided not to focus on Smart Contracts, because in order to understand this topic the reader must first be acquainted with Blockchain. This implies the Blockchain technology is foundational and should serve as the anchor term before delving deeper into more complex technologies. Another term I considered was network slicing, which is a technique in complex networks such as 5G. In this case it’s okay to introduce a technique in 5G without attempting to explain all of 5G first. Quality of Service is an important topic in cellular networks, but is a common topic that has been discussed over decades. The main point of the paper I chose to read introduces a way to secure an insecure feature in 5G. So before attempting to solve the issue with some technology one must be in some framework of understanding with the approach to solve the problem. With this methodology in place, the Blockchain is a reasonable place to begin dissecting this paper and understanding the complex technology. In order to understand what Blockchain is I used common dictionaries, and companies that actively invest in and develop this technology. These sources include Oxford, Merriam Webster, IBM and Goldman Sachs.

  13. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Mamadou Sakho
    Date: 9/29/2021
    Subject: Expand Definition Term: Artificial Intelligent or AI

    The goal of this memo is to expand the definition of Artificial Intelligent or AIs. I have long wanted to research more about AIS. The reason why I chose it is that AIs are becoming more and more part of our society. A country like Saudi Arabia even gave citizenship to an AI named Sophia. Such a status previously was guaranteed to human beings only. Therefore, society starts to consider AIs as part of us. To compare and contrast the definition from different sources, I have visited three different sources. The first source is the Oxford English dictionary which gave me valuable information about when the term first appeared in official documents. However, it did not give me the definition I was looking for. The second source is Merriam Webster. This latter provided me with few recent articles that show when the term was first used. Merriam Webster has the definition that is more relevant to the research I am trying to conduct. The third source is Gale eBooks which has a definition close to the one provided by Merriam Webster. Therefore, my best option out of all the three sources will be Merriam Webster since it gave me a definition close to what I was looking for. Doing research on the term “Artificial Intelligence” will help me and anybody who would like to know more about AIs. Can AIs replace humans?

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