Project: Collaborations, Phase Three

As discussed in class, the following are the major deliverables for this project and the method for submission of those deliverables. We will go into more depth on these after the break. They are being presented now as a big picture view of the project.

The major deliverables are:

  • Research Report > Google Docs > Shareable link
  • Presentation > Google Slides > Shareable link
  • Website > Create an OpenLab Project > link to site
  • Reflection Report > Google Docs > Sharable link

Turning in Your Collaborative Project (due before the last day of class)

Have one team member create a post on our OpenLab site.

Title of your post: Collaborative Project, Your Title

Body of your post:

Title of your project

Byline for all team members

Write 2-3 sentences summarizing your project and its recommendations.

State project deliverables are linked below.

Create a bulleted list

– Link to your Research Report

– Link to OpenLab Project Site

– Link to Google Slides for Presentation

 – Link to Reflection Report

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