Daily Writing: Extra Credit

For today’s class, I asked everyone to read another relevant magazine article for a writing exercise. Considering how little time is left to work on your collaborative projects, I am converting today’s daily writing assignment to extra credit for those who wish to complete it. Simply write a memo addressed to Prof. Ellis summarizing your article in 250 words, include one quote with parenthetical citation, and include an APA-formatted reference at the end of your memo. Copy and paste your memo into a comment to this post to receive your extra credit.

Also, keep in mind the last day of class is the last day to submit any late assignments in the class. If you need to catch up or revise an assignment, do so before the last day of class and send an email to Prof. Ellis letting him know what assignment(s) he should check for you. You may also email your late or revised work directly to Prof. Ellis. All email correspondence will be acknowledged, so if you don’t hear back from Prof. Ellis, touch base with him in class.

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  1. TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Amir Radoncic
    DATE: 11/26/2019
    Summary to write a summary on a relevant article

    This paper investigates the effects of corporations’ mobility at the environmental coverage. We consciousness on two troubles. The first one is the connection among the stringency of environmental regulation and the distribution of environmental rents; the second is how the interjurisdictional competition shapes the selection of contraptions. We find that, in the absence of corporations’ mobility, a device that allocates extra rents to firms will give rise to a lower pollutants tax rate, however, in the presence of cellular corporations, this end result can be reversed. Every other finding is that the interjurisdictional opposition for mobile firms can lead the governments to undertake non-sales-elevating devices. This gives a reason behind the superiority of such gadgets without relying on political reasoning. We additionally find that a larger wide variety of jurisdictions can also tighten the regulation, which differs from the traditional effects.

    Lai, Y.-B. (2019). The Impacts of Firms’ Mobility on the Environmental Policy. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 21(3), 349–369. Retrieved from http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=ecn&AN=1774501&site=ehost-live&scope=site

  2. To: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Mustafa Nagi
    DATE: 12/10/2019
    Summary to write a summary on a relevant article

    This paper investigates The Cloud Darkens. It is very important about the security in cloud and how many people and companies are getting effected by hackers’ attaches. “Targets have included Citigroup, Lockheed Martin and even RSA Security, which makes password tokens that big companies use to protect themselves from intrusion.” Also, this article shows that a study show that companies had ended 9 out of 10 attacks online last 12 months. Government and companies are trying their best to create way to stop attackers.
    In time that hackers and security experts getting more knowlege and update it, we really need strategic to limit the online attacks.

    The Cloud Darkens. (2011, June 30). Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/30/opinion/30thu1.html.

  3. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Dominick Denis
    DATE: Dec. 17, 2019
    SUBJECT: 250-word Summary of an article about surveillance camera awareness

    The entirety of this memo is created to focus on the evolution of the purpose of security cameras and how it should be, carefully and correctly, integrated into society. The birth of the first surveillance camera, around 1968 in New York, created a spectacle seen by many law enforcement from different parts of the world. Not only was it seen by those who would benefit from it, but also those for who it was intended for, e.g., lawbreakers. The integration of the surveillance camera greatly influenced its presence from the U.S. to being used all around China.
    In 2018, several decades later, surveillance devices now come in different forms, as well as, with different intent. The intent of eavesdropping in the home or not providing an indication of what it is filming or where it may be hidden in a moment by large companies, like Amazon, destroy the surveillance devices true purpose. Its real purpose is to create fear in those who break the law or intend to. As there can be an installation of fear in a home, there can also be a declination of the use of these devices because of the awareness of little to no trust or privacy. According to Keats, “For this crime-prevention process to succeed, the offender must be aware of the cameras’ presence” (Keats, 2019, 36). Ultimately, the initial intention of surveillance devices cannot be lost. For surveillance to be in private while invading privacy can skew society’s idea of security in the future.

    Keats, J. (2019, November). Private Eyes. Wired, 36.

  4. TO: Prof. Ellis

    FROM: Masum Hossain

    DATE: Dec. 23, 2019

    SUBJECT: 250-word Summary of an article about ecommerce

    This daily writing paper is about over all summery for E-commerce (electronic commerce). E-commerce means the buying and selling product or service over the online. Where seller sell the product through online website and buyer buy the product trough online website. There several type of ecommerce such as business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, consumer to business. E-commerce have some advantage and it have some drawback. Some of the advantage are availability, speed of access, wide availability, easy accessibility, international reach, low cost, personalization product and so one. Some of the draw back for ecommerce are not able to touch or see, wait time, security issue, and so one. The important issue is security issue because E-commerce every thing done over the online and there is lot of handling and storage of consumers financial information so security is big issue for online business “To ensure the security, privacy and effectiveness of e-commerce, businesses should authenticate business transactions, control access to resources such as webpages for registered or selected users, encrypt communications, and implement security technologies, such as the Secure Sockets Layer and two-factor authentication” (Shaimon, 2018) Some of the online marketplaces most widely use such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Fiverr Upwork and many more.

    Works Cited
    Shaimon, A. (2018). e-commerce marketing (Vol. 12). parth, Western Australia , Australia : Parth works Press.

  5. To: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Huzaifa Anas
    DATE: 12/17/2019
    SUBJECT: When Influencers Switch Platforms—and Bare It All

    The article investigates the changing nature of influencers from being like the moon in the sky out of reach of mere mortals to being people you can personally interact with nowadays through the thing’s like OnlyFans and even request some specialized personal services. While not every influencer posts risque or NSFW posts on these secondary sites the general trend is like this. This new way of interacting with fans creates a more personal and human element where the people become human through their posts of cooking or having chats with fans. The first of these auxiliary sites developed was “OnlyFans, launched in July 2016 and took camming to a new realm, melding the internet’s earlier obsession with camming to its current fixation on influencer culture” ( PARHAM pg. 65 ). Influencers post to these sites because they can get a decent amount of money even though the small number of customers per person because they have different tiers with different services and the cheapest usually around five dollars and most expensive can be up to one hundred dollars or no limit if tips and other perks are included. There are four hundred thousand registered users currently roughly, while only six thousand models serve them so with OnlyFans also only takes 20% of the cut, the pay can be said to be pretty great. Essentially this makes the influencers market themselves as the product instead of what is on Instagram where they just promote products, which has a higher pay ceiling because each individual has a more unique brand.

    Magazine APA Citation: PARHAM. J (2019, August 19). GETTING TO KNOW YOU. WIRED, 27(09), 66–73.

  6. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Hector Dextre
    DATE: 12/24/2019
    SUBJECT: 250-Word Summary of an Article about Stop the breach

    The purpose of this memo is to provide tips to secure your technological devices. According to Saltzman (2019), “while you’re having fun with your tech, remember to protect your personal info and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands” (p. 23).

    For smartphones and tablets, lock your device in case of lost or stolen and add a PIN, password, fingerprint or facial scan for security purposes. Download applications from companies with great reputation and when using them, do not forget to read the terms and conditions before you click “I accept” button. Finally, you have to use the browser in private or incognito mode which does not allow to save your history.
    For laptops and desktops, use a privacy screen so nobody can monitor your activities. Make sure to add a password, PIN or biometrics option when only you logging on to your computer. Be cautious when accessing free public Wi-Fi to get online access since you are exposed to a great risk of breaches. Use a virtual private network to remain anonymous when surfing the web. Make sure to use and see the https:// for online shopping and baking purposes in the address bar to confirm it is a secure connection.Close your webcam lens when it is not in use.
    For smart TVs, use voice recognition and disable it when you are hearing too much.
    For smart speakers, press the mute button on top of the device which cuts off the microphone from listening for its wake word “Okay Google”.

    Saltzman, M. (2019). Stop the breach. Costco Connection, 34(12), p. 23.

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