Opportunity: Learning with Lynda.com

As I’ve mentioned to some of you in class before, the New York Public Library offers free access to Lynda.com, the online video-based learning platform, for members with a library card. Using your library card number and PIN (you might need to visit a branch library to set this up if you haven’t already done so), you can login to Lynda.com from this page: https://www.nypl.org/collections/articles-databases/lyndacom.

Lynda.com teaches you how to take notes, study for classes, perform research, become a professional photographer or videographer, how to use high end software that we have on lab computers, how to use Microsoft Office or Google Docs, how to program computers, etc. All of the videos are high quality and they encourage you to learn at your own pace. As I said with the free New York Times subscription, you really ought to take advantage of these learning and staying up to date opportunities while they are available to you.

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