So from what I have seen the departments pretty much keep to themselves. Since it is pretty small and I only go in once a week for a couple of hours. But I have noticed enough as to how everyone behaves during the day. I noticed that no one really talks much with each other which to be honest I found weird, I expected more people to talk to each other, not in a friendly way but at least more about work. While I have seen people talk to each other from different departments it is all about a specific question and that’s it. It is bumming me out, I hope it is not like this when I finally land that job I want.

Everyone is polite to each other but no one is really friendly though. Dress code is business casual My supervisor told me. I figured although I am not there for long I should dress like that so I usually show up in a dress shirt, jeans and shoes. If I am feeling spiffy I even wear a belt, now that I think about it I should but more dress shirts for work seeing as how I only have three. I do not like that the work area is open and you can see everyone and everyone can see you. There is no privacy, the only one with his own office is the owner and one of the guys that does the spec for the garments. That seems weird and it shows favoritism but whatever. I feel like people need their own space and a little bit of privacy at least.