This week was pretty rough in terms of deadlines, I was to make an email promotion and continue to resize and pick shots for the front, back and alternative pictures that are to go up on the website soon. While it is kind of easy it does not help that my computer is pretty slow, making the job way longer and on top of the I also had deadlines for all my other classes. I ended up sacrificing one of my projects to get all the internship done but thankfully I was able to fix that project after a couple of days. I need to have better time management if I am to get the grades I want in all of my classes. This was a good week in terms of lessons learned. I need to buy a corkboard or something that will help me keep better track of what I am doing and will remind me constantly of what I have to get done first and try not to multitask seeing as how that does not work well and I do not like doing it. Overall it was not that bad.