This week we went over Constant Contact, which is the platform the company uses for their marketing which is a pretty substantial part of my internship I have come to find. This is where they set up all the promotion emails, discounts and campaigns. I have to say this is the second worst platform I have ever used in terms of bugs and just horrible UI. First being the CUNY website used to sign up for classes.

There is so many unnecessary steps for somethings that it can be annoying pretty quick. Learning the program is pretty easy but it is just horribly designed and buggy for some reason. Anyway, we went through how to send email promotions and discounts. Now I am in charge of doing it whenever I am instructed and like before, I was told to ask if I had any questions because they do not want any mistakes, especially on the percentage of discounts since it would be a big problem and could lose them a lot of money and me my internship.