The main role is as an assistant to one of the designers that is in charge of marketing. She will also be my supervisor during my internship there. I was actually referred to this position through the contacts I have made and I got an interview for it after emailing them. During the interview they did not ask that many questions, they showed me around the place first and told me a little bit about the company and about what my role was going to entail. After showing me around she asked me why I wanted to work there so I told her that I thought it would help me get better in terms of marketing and design. She the asked me if I had any questions and I asked her about the roles of the departments in terms of getting something made which she then proceeded to tell me, which I found interesting.

After I left I waited for about two days for them to get back to me. When I got the email telling me I was hired I was glad first of all because I had been looking for an internship for a while and I was already behind. I told them I was very happy to be joining the team and I was looking forward to work with them.