Week 14: Final exam review questions

FINAL EXAM_Review Spring 2018

Week 13: Trade


Week 10: April 17

Group assignment_04-17-2018

Week 7: March 20

  1. Midterm review questions: Midterm review questions_Spring 2018

2.  Read chapters 12 and 13 for Tuesday.

Week 4: March 6

  1. Please see the questions attached for Tuesday’s assignment and print a copy: Group Assignment 2_Labor_Market_data_Spring2018

2. Read the following two articles on unemployment and wage growth which will also be used  in the assignment.

Corporate America Is Suppressing Wages for Many Workers

How Low Can Unemployment Really Go


Week 2: In- class group assignments along with links to the readings/sources and accompanying questions and will be posted here. There will be two such assignments during the semester.

Please bring a copy of these two questions to class on Tues. Feb. 6 for an assignment that will be completed in class.

Question 6 – session 2

Question 9 – session 2

Please remember to read the article on oil supply/prices in addition to the assigned chapter.

Oil supply will outrun demand into 2017 – CBS News

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