HW for Tue 8/13

  1. Read student responses to your essay on the blog and continue revising Essay 1 (due Wednesday).  Begin revising Essay 2.  Submit any unfinished work.  EXTRA CREDIT: Find an article on the topic you began outlining an essay on today; draft and submit that essay.
  2. Finish reading the excerpts from Freedom to Write assigned over the weekend.  Come in with questions.
  3. Purchase/acquire a paperback dictionary that fits in your bag.

HW for Monday

  1. Type up and submit online your CATW response to “My Selfie, Myself.”  Finish typing your responses to the work of other writers from the class.
  2. Revise your first essays (on Naylor’s “A Word’s Meaning…”), using feedback received on paper and online.
  3. Read through the below passages in Freedom to Write.  Look up and write down definitions for at least 10 words whose meanings you weren’t sure of.  Bring these into class along with 3 questions about what you’ve read in Freedom to Write.

Passages: The Five Scoring Categories (p.7), Summarizing and Intro-writing (pp. 15-25), The Body Paragraphs (pp. 26-33), Transitional Words and Phrases (pp. 45-8), Response Essay to “Biker Brats (pp. 56-7).

HW for Thu

    1. Write and post your responses to Joi and Munair’s essays.
    2. Bring in a new sentence you like, prepared to discuss what you like about it.
    3.  Write out Chip Stern’s thesis from “Biker Brats Ride Like Punks” (in your own words).  Then write 2 different thesis statements responding to Chip Stern’s article on “Biker Brats,” with 1 thesis agreeing with Stern and 1 disagreeing with him.  Include at least three reasons supporting each (in a separate sentence or after a “because…”).  Come to class prepared to share & discuss these thesis statements.

HW for Wed

1. Type up and post to OL your 100 word responses to the two essays we read in class.
  1. Find and bring in another sentence you like.

NEW FOLKS: Please handwrite your CATW essay response to Gloria Naylor’s “A Word’s Meaning…” (handed out in class), then type it up in Google Docs and submit it HERE.  You can also e-mail me if you have any difficulties setting up your CT email or OpenLab account.

Essays to Bring in Tomorrow

Hi all,

Please arrive in class ready to read closely and comment on the following essays by your classmates:



Bonus points if you can print them out! Printing services are available in the General Building (near Adams St side of City Tech) on the 6th floor as well as in the library (4th floor of the Atrium building—between Namm and the General building). You can print up to 30 pages a day for free.

See you in the morning,

HW for Tuesday

1. As soon as you can after class—and no later than 5pm—type up your CATW as a Google Doc and make any edits you notice are needed.  Submit your Google Doc using the form linked on the “Essays” part of the website.  E-mail me (street.monroe@gmail.com) if you have difficulties.
2. Sign up for OpenLab if you didn’t already do so in class.
3. Identify a sentence you love (from anywhere: a sentence we read together, a sentence from a song you like, a sentence from elsewhere).  Come to class ready to talk about why you like this sentence and how you think it works—as well as any grammatical terms in it that you are able to identify.
4. Print and/or download the two essays by your classmates that I will notify you via OpenLab and/or e-mail about this evening.  Come to class prepared to close read them.