3 thoughts on “Feedback for Fransiel”

  1. For Fransiel’s essay, we were given a well informed introductory topic. He started off with a description of the video game and its developer. Then a thesis was provided afterwards where he stated rainbow siege six is affected highly when communication is involved. As the essay progresses Fransiel gives a good amount detail in his body paragraph and a good counter argument.

  2. Jason’s essay was very well written. Throughout the essay I noticed how descriptive he was. He explained what the game is and how it worked which was very intriguing. But he could have added text feedback and elaborated more on how, I wasn’t quite convinced that Rainbow six siege is the best “communicative game” in the market.

  3. Fransiel’s essay was well written and had great examples. He gave proper definitions for the vocabulary used in the essay for readers who might not understand what he is writing about. He used personal experience which added more to the essay. He just needs to find an article that relates to his essay for the more CATW style of writing.

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