HW for Monday

  1. Type up and submit online your CATW response to “My Selfie, Myself.”  Finish typing your responses to the work of other writers from the class.
  2. Revise your first essays (on Naylor’s “A Word’s Meaning…”), using feedback received on paper and online.
  3. Read through the below passages in Freedom to Write.  Look up and write down definitions for at least 10 words whose meanings you weren’t sure of.  Bring these into class along with 3 questions about what you’ve read in Freedom to Write.

Passages: The Five Scoring Categories (p.7), Summarizing and Intro-writing (pp. 15-25), The Body Paragraphs (pp. 26-33), Transitional Words and Phrases (pp. 45-8), Response Essay to “Biker Brats (pp. 56-7).

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