The Monumental Brooklyn War Memorial

This is one of the few buildings of New York City, that I believe to be really unique and significant. I have visited this place a couple of times as well. I last took this picture on December 26th, 2016. The Monumental Brooklyn War Memorial represents the 300,000 American men and women of the borough of Brooklyn who fought in the Second World War (1941-1945), and suffered a lot also died, so therefore this building was dedicated to them and to inspire the future generation of Brooklynites.

Outside of the building those two statues are fringed which represents a men warrior and a female with a child symbolizing victory and family. I first saw this building in 2013 while strolling from New York City College of Technology to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. This Monument is located inside of the Brooklyn Historical Park (128 Pierrepont St.). This park is really big and wonderful to visit mostly during the summertime, since they have a lot of seats outside for people to get fresh air and kids can play baseball in the center of the park plus they can go inside of the beautiful Historical Museum. The name of the sculptor who sculpted the statues are Charles Keck and it was erected in 1951.

In all, I really found this place to be really amusing and significant to visit, even though I don’t reside in Brooklyn, N.Y., but I do attend a college in the borough of Brooklyn also it really inspired me to be more patriotic knowing that all these men and women who fought for their country America; and sacrificed their lives for the life I am living today free and peaceful. I am honored and really happy that I have gotten a chance to see this place, and write about it as well, and I would recommend others to definitely visit this place.

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