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mr-curtis-feltonMr. Curtis L. Felton “ The Mayor”



I found this small memory of Mr. Felton in Brooklyn, New York in the area of Bedford Stuyvesant from the 300 Block Association, he was someone that was held in high regard while living on this block since 1963. He was a member of the block association for 15 years and he was linked with the 79th police precinct. He believed in working with the police department to help control crime in the Bed-Stuy. In this area of Brooklyn working with the police department has become a way of life. While walking around these blocks I noticed a lot of friendly exchanged between the police officers that walk the streets and the homeowners outside early weekend morning sweeping there front yards. I can’t help but to think that this relationship started way before I ever walked these streets. I feel grateful for Mr. Felton from creating a better sense of community between two forces of homeowners and the police department. Now at these meeting his sense of community is still apart of the monthly meeting, the police officers attend the meeting and give us guidelines and insure that they are here to help in anyway that they can.





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