ENG1101 Project #2

Brooklyn is an advancing area of New York. I want to discuss about this part of Brooklyn. Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. There is Jane’s carousel. Its under the Brooklyn bridge park, It also attract many people’s attention. It gives us a mysterious feeling when we are on the carousel. Here is how you get there. From New York City College of Technology to Brooklyn Bridge Park It will approximately use 17 minus to arrive there. First, we go down the Jay Street, and then when we get under the Manhattan Bridge, we turn left get to Sands street and when you pass Sands street, you turn right go down Pearl street. You will walk down straight to Front Street. Then stop turn left then go straight down you will see a Starbucks on the way there, up to this point your almost there. Stop when you see a sign that says Dock Street and walk down Dock Street then turn left again to water street, one last time turn left. There you go, Empire Fulton ferry. Finally, if you feel hungry when you arrive there. You can find some nearby restaurant such as Grimaldi’s pizza Juliana’s Pizza and other place just look around. Or if your phone is dead, do not worry about it, because there are public charger stations in the park.

I want to talk about the juxtaposition of Brooklyn Bridge Park. From 1950 there were not many piers and warehouses, up tile 1983 the area closed due to waste and worm out. When you look across the bridge you can see the river with boat that have four Centre of history. The establish of Brooklyn bridge park was an idea, but later on it turned into an idea to entertain others and it came true. The Monday of January 28, 2008 the Park started construction.  Three years later Piers 1 and 6 open to the public, for example Jane’s carousel, The Empire Fulton Ferry section, sand volleyball courts also many other piers you can visit. 1.(the source came from Wikipedia) I think this is a great creation. Although Brooklyn Bridge Park is very difficult to built during the construction period and need huge amount of money, but everything is worth it because you can not have a great city without a great park, it attract tourists all over from the world, to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Brooklyn Bridge Park was a busy pier. But abandoned for a long time. Experienced the frustrations in the end it got a rebirth. Here is a rebirth of an other world famous place.

Now I will be describing this location called Jane’s carousel. Also give you a little history about the park. In the beginning the carousel. The carousel was created in Idora Park (theme park) in Youngstown in 1922, Ohio. But a fire broke into the park. Jane bought the carousel from Idora Park in a auction with $3085 on October 21, 1984. Then Jane did not like the color of horse so she spent a lot of money on the painting and used the best material to carefully design the color of the horse. Jane also had a fine art degree. 2.(the source came from Jane’s carousel official website). That makes me think the carousel is very precious. What’s even more exciting is that if you want to ride it only cost 2 dollar. Jane’s carousel is my favorite places in Brooklyn. First the area between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan bridges is called Empire Fulton fairy it has a great view of the bridges and you can take kids over and enjoy your time. Then I like the casing outside the glass door. That can make me felt the gorgeousness of the carousel. When I was riding the carousel accompanied by beautiful music, it seems like I was a kid again, even though I am an adult. Maybe its because of the lacerated river, I feel like a river, effortlessly to flow freely.

To overlap this place I can tell this place was very popular with couples and children. When the children ride the carousel for the first time, some are afraid of it. Maybe this horse is very realistic; that innocent children think it is really a horse. Children felt the horse is too high; make them feel insecure, even though the pony looks very cute. When they ride for the first time they might need their parents to be aside with, that way they can feel safe. When the music begins, the pony began to slowly walk, the kid’s turns into a very pleasant mood and consciously laughed because they are riding on the pony. They never had a feeling like this before. Maybe riding for a few times more they won’t need parents to be there for them. Gradually because he and the pony have become good friends, a green grass and a broad river, there surround Sunshine on the carousel. Let the child felt as if they were the little princess or the little prince in the fairy tale stories. The pony’s passion for children will never disappear; children could love it forever. Because the carousel gives them the feeling of a fairy tale dream and it’s very romantic. It is the dream of everyone.

The Carousel is not only children, Its also for many lovers. Couples hope when they get married they can take some wedding photos on the carousel. Carousel has a sweet legend: Someone says a carousel is can witness the relationship of two people who love each other, as long as the two people are truly in love at the same time on carousel, the horse will be carrying them to a perfect paradise, their love will last forever. So couples holding hands together to ride the carousel, imagine the horse are taking them to a perfect paradise.

The carousel for everybody has a different meaning. For child, the carousel is the child’s good friend, and it gives children fairy tale world. For lovers, the carousel is a symbol of happiness, and that give lover the paradise world.




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