My workplace

Because Medicate Me is based in Surfside Beach, SC I am currently working remotely from my house for my company. Every Friday I update my company with my work schedule for the following week to make sure that I am keeping up and clocking all of my hours. Normally I work for my internship about 12-15 hours a week depending on my work schedule for my job. Typically I have meetings once a week for an hour over google hangouts with my senior designer as well as our app designer to discuss the status of the company, upcoming projects, and any other information that we need to have an extensive conversation about. Throughout the week I stay in touch with Meg ,my senior designer, via our Medicate Me Slack channel. This app allows our entire company to chat via instant messaging privately as well as in a group. This app also allows us to send any needed files and links that are viable in creating a look and feel for our brand.

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