My first project on the job was to create an infographic for a presentation to the players association of the NFL. At first I was definitely intimated by this project due to the fact that it was my first time working for a real company. Also, initially, I was presented a very small amount of information which ,after many revisions, became what you see above.  Upon approaching this project I first needed to come up with a grid as well as decide what copy I would need to properly inform the client as to what our app is doing. The big problem that I needed to overcome was that my company is still in its beta phase. This being said I needed to find a way to present statistical data that wasn’t necessarily there. After deciding how I was going to go about solving this problem I began to dive in and slowly tweak my designs with my senior designer over the course of about two weeks.

Above is my first design which we ultimately decided was too much green and needed variability in color. After designing a few versions of this infographic i was able to dial in on the look and feel of the company that my senior designer ultimately wanted. This was a big learning experience for me because it taught me how many little tweaks really go in to making something on brand and readable. It also taught me how to work directly with a senior designer for the first time.

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