My interview

Around mid August I attended HempFest in Philadelphia, PA. Upon arriving at the concert i noticed a bunch of booths set up geared towards the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products. Upon walking around the sea of booths one in particular stood out to me because it was the only app company there. Naturally I approached with great curiosity and after only about 20 minutes of talking to them i inquired if they had any internships open. This sparked a conversation that would ultimately lead me to sending my portfolio into Meg Bair my senior designer. Within a few days I was asked to have a interview over google hangout with her and her husband Josh. They were very interested in what unique qualities I was bringing to their company and after explaining to them that i share the same passions towards the movement I was hired the next day.

Upon starting work for Medicate Me was put in charge of all social media design within my company. Due to myself being the youngest person working for Medicate Me I think it was a no brainer to put me in charge on online advertising.

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