Visual Quotes


For this visual quote i used lyrics from the song “War All the Time” by Thursday. I used the silhouette of the New York City Skyline and placed a vector image of the evolution of many through his years from young to old. I took a very literal approach on this visual quote. clockworkorange9-11-12

This is my visual take on a quote from the book A Clockwork Orange. I used Adobe Illustrator to trace the image from the cover of the book and inputed my quote where the title should be to create a visual aesthetic.

adv1162_leeposterMy last visual quote is from the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I took an image drawn by the artist Ralph Steadman and incorporated it with other various images. The picture is very fitting to the theme of the book and what takes place during the story. I used a very messy typeface as well as a splatter type image to convey the craziness that occurs during this book.


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