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Medicate Me is a new mobile app, tracks medication intake and correlates it with symptom changes, providing you with data that makes it possible to track the effectiveness of a treatment plan. When treating medical cannabis patients, tracking the effectiveness of their treatment plan can be arduous.  Data related to the effectiveness of individual strains or treatments is not always available, creating additional challenges.Using the Medicate Me app, patients record each time they use a medication and then rate their symptoms on a 1-10 scale at regular intervals. The data provides you, their physician, with valuable information to determine if the patients’ treatment plan needs to be amended.

Currently my company is still in its startup phase but is a private company as of right now. Medicate Me is currently working on getting investors as well as finding doctors and dispensaries to link their information to our app. Since the start of my internship I have been working on material to promote the app as well as handouts for users as well as infographics and social media design.

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