Fifth Entry

Art Booklet FINAL-2 Art Booklet FINAL-1

These few days Oscar told me to help Kenny with the booklet about his and another person photography. We both were correcting each other and looking for errors. The booklet was flip book which means that when you flip the booklet upside down the other author is readable and vise-verse.  While Kenny was working on the booklet itself, I had to make two separate files of both authors in Indesign. Also I was assign to do an electronic version of the booklet using Indesign that incorporated e-pub by using the .swf file to make the page move to the next. Unfortunately Oscar wanted a HTML file to put on his website not as Flash .swf version. So he told a web designer to come like at it the following day.  The guy came and tries to fix it. We had to download software in order to convert the .swf file to HTML file. I was there to see how it works.



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