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The United Federation of Teachers has five offices in each borough. This is a labor union for teachers so there are a lot of members. This is a private company just for teachers and others like teachers. The United Federation of Teachers Printing and Mailing Department’s primary business is to due printing for clients, and mailing. The clients forĀ United Federation of Teachers’ Printing and Mailing Department is teachers, schools and other non-profit organization.Ā  I worked only within the Printing and Mailing Department.

United Federation of Teachers was founded on March 16, 1960.

Key Events:

1960: The Teachers Guild merges with high school teachers to form the United Federation of Teachers.

1962: First comprehensive teacher contract in the nation is achieved, a one-year agreement.

1966: The United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund provides supplementary benefits such as free prescription drugs, eyeglasses, a dental plan and many others.

1969: United Federation of Teachers contract shrinks time to top salary, offers pay to cover teacher absences, creates United Federation of TeachersĀ College Scholarship Fund. The city agrees the pension-improvement law (later called Tier I)

1970: The United Federation of Teachers allowed Paraprofessionals to joined.

1985: United Federation of Teachers president Al Shanker announces his year-end retirement to concentrate on AFT.

1986: United Federation of Teachers Executive Board elects Feldman president.

1990: United Federation of Teachers wins 100 contractual improvements to working conditions, professionalism. New York City schools reach one million school children.

1997: As Mayor Giuliani favors parochial schools, United Federation of Teachers stands up for public ones. Former president of United Federation of Teachers Albert Shanker dies.

2000: United Federation of Teachers forms Class Size Coalition, wins biggest pension improvements in 30 years, per session victory, but contract talks stall.

2009: Ā Michael Mulgrew becomes United Federation of TeachersĀ president.

2010: United Federation of Teachers celebrates 50 years.


The first article was about how the cutter machine has made Oscar and his employees’ lives easier and discusses how he obtains it.

The second article was about Oscar and his employees work efforts and how they maintain their business at the Printing and Mailing Department.

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