Fourth Entry


envelopenoprintThis internship does have a lot of clerical jobs such as stocking and restocking envelopes, cases of envelopes, boxes of envelopes, printer paper to the printers. Filing papers in folders, envelopes and boxes. Sometimes do mailing errands such as rubber banding envelopes and placing the rubber band envelopes in mail buckets. Using the shredder to shred paper and using the cutter machine to cut paper for business card, fliers, etc.  Lunchtime is at 1 pm for all of us. Also I use the Mac or PC to design personal project for the employers or make the layout, fix layouts. With this internship I do both physical and mental work and usually its slow at times because its summer. The clerical duties aren’t frequently there are times that it’s a really slow day. When there a very slow day I will go on the computer do personal work, sketch, or improve my skills.


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