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Seventh Entry

I would consider a role model would be an employee named Ram because he is depended upon the printing and has knowledge of layout to print. He has knowledge of maintain a huge printer The Digital Imaging (DI) Ryobi and cleans it as well. Ram is responsible of mostly for all clients work such as fliers, posters, postcards, business cards. Show us some his martial arts as well as self defense. Ram is always there if we are struggle with something and gives us some feedback on our designs. Ram also does some design work or little detail to fix a design. He also measures the papers to cut with the cutter machine. This is why I consider Ram as a role model for his responsibilities and dedications for his job.

Sixth Entry

For my evaluation for my performance at my job is excellent because I just did my duties as I was told. I volunteer to help others and other jobs such as shredding paper or fill up papers in boxes also mailing services. I helped the workers with their personal projects like resizing images, photo editing, and making collages. Also just doing my duties as fast as possible so I can relax or go to the next job I was assigned to do.


The first business card project was about a Construction business card. Of course, there four of us completing for first place. I came up with concepts but still struggle to have a much better idea. So when I came home, this is where I come up with better ideas and I did. The next day came, I went to the computer to finish it and I was proud of the clean and simplified version for this business card. In the end, I didn’t win but I felt like I did my best.


Fifth Entry

Art Booklet FINAL-2 Art Booklet FINAL-1

These few days Oscar told me to help Kenny with the booklet about his and another person photography. We both were correcting each other and looking for errors. The booklet was flip book which means that when you flip the booklet upside down the other author is readable and vise-verse.  While Kenny was working on the booklet itself, I had to make two separate files of both authors in Indesign. Also I was assign to do an electronic version of the booklet using Indesign that incorporated e-pub by using the .swf file to make the page move to the next. Unfortunately Oscar wanted a HTML file to put on his website not as Flash .swf version. So he told a web designer to come like at it the following day.  The guy came and tries to fix it. We had to download software in order to convert the .swf file to HTML file. I was there to see how it works.



Fourth Entry


envelopenoprintThis internship does have a lot of clerical jobs such as stocking and restocking envelopes, cases of envelopes, boxes of envelopes, printer paper to the printers. Filing papers in folders, envelopes and boxes. Sometimes do mailing errands such as rubber banding envelopes and placing the rubber band envelopes in mail buckets. Using the shredder to shred paper and using the cutter machine to cut paper for business card, fliers, etc.  Lunchtime is at 1 pm for all of us. Also I use the Mac or PC to design personal project for the employers or make the layout, fix layouts. With this internship I do both physical and mental work and usually its slow at times because its summer. The clerical duties aren’t frequently there are times that it’s a really slow day. When there a very slow day I will go on the computer do personal work, sketch, or improve my skills.


Project #3 Rough Draft

rough 3-1 rough 3-2 rough 3-3 rough 3-4 rough 3-5rough 3-6 

The artist drawing.
Then he gets frustrated. Sfx: Angry sound of the artist.
A Copic marker rolls. Sfx: rolling something
He catches the marker.
Suddenly starts creating ideas from his imagination.
VO: Copic Markers blend to form new color or tone As well as reusing the marker just fill up it with copic ink.
“Copic the revolution of creativity.”

Project# 3 Commercial

Product: Copic Orginal Markers

Target: Artist, Illustrator, Professional, Amateur artist. or just artists in general. Age: (18-35). Income: $250-250,00+

Benefits/Feature: Enhanced artwork/High Quality, Recyclable/ Refill and Replace Nibs, Blend colors/ A wide varies of colors, Two-tips/Chisel tip & Brush tip

Product Tone: Clam/Serious

Competitors: Sharpie, Prismcolors and others

Where the product will play: Copic website or Youtube ad

1st Script: Blend to make one

One color in line then second color parellel to first, after cross blend together to form a new color final zoom-out to see other marker with color doing the same. Copic “A new breed to mix color”

2nd Script: Ink bottle and Copic marker

The Copic marker is dip in the ink bottle to make a circle and another marker with ink bottle dip into it and make a circle next first circle a new color is born. Copic “A new breed to mix color”