Sixth Entry

For my evaluation for my performance at my job is excellent because I just did my duties as I was told. I volunteer to help others and other jobs such as shredding paper or fill up papers in boxes also mailing services. I helped the workers with their personal projects like resizing images, photo editing, and making collages. Also just doing my duties as fast as possible so I can relax or go to the next job I was assigned to do.


The first business card project was about a Construction business card. Of course, there four of us completing for first place. I came up with concepts but still struggle to have a much better idea. So when I came home, this is where I come up with better ideas and I did. The next day came, I went to the computer to finish it and I was proud of the clean and simplified version for this business card. In the end, I didn’t win but I felt like I did my best.


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