Welcome to my profile, my name is Cindy Ovando and this is my own art page where I display many projects and personal works I did through my years as an artist in learning. The major that I’m currently studying in is called Communication Design in Citytech, since I believe this major will help me improve myself and my art. The reason why I’m even under that major is because it involves different types of art and tips that can be helpful for me since it gives a lot of opportunities to get better in art. Ever since I graduated as an AP cartoonist from the High school of Art and Design, I became more open and harder working in different forms of art, if it helps get my message across. Although CityTech wasn’t my top pick, it helps me understand and do some things that I have never tried before in the form of communicating with the audience.

My love for details and character designs had pushed me to overcome many difficult situations. One being out of my comfort zone and doing something new and different. I may not enjoy it at first, but the second I add an idea to it, I fully get engaged in any activities that are either new or old to me. I enjoy doing challenges that I know will benefit me later on, but at times I may be picky because not all forms of art are required to learn within my field since I want to create a comic or try Character Designing. At times, I question whether learning Graphic Designing or advertising is even helpful for me, but sometimes you gotta have back up skills. Even though I may acquire these skills, I sometimes use them to help come up with better ideas with my works which make almost everything useful to my work. So whether it may take me awhile or not to be good in art, sometimes it’s best to have fun with it and be open to everything around you.