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My Culture Source: How to get away with murder

Writer: Peter Nowalk

First Aired: September 25, 2014

Summary: This show is about College professor Annalise Keating  who teaches law and she calls the class” How to get away with murder”. In her first class she chooses a group of students to assist her when she has a case at her firm with her employees ( Frank Delfino, Bonnie Winterbottom). The first case she presented to the class was an attempted murder and the defandant was the victims second assistant who was also the victims mistress.The victims wife found out about the affair and the victim moved the mistress to another department to work in and ended the relationship and that’s when she switched the victims blood pressure for asprin which she knew he was allergic too. When he swallowed the pill he fell ill and had a near to death experience. And now they are trying to find out if the mistress actually switched the pill or was it the wife? The case isnt the only intresting thing in the show but its also the things that happens revolving around the case for example in professor Annalise life.

One legal concept that I noticed in the show is that its as if the students where mini paralegals because they were able to do their own research and bring it to their attorney which was the professor one thing that they were not allowed to do is give any legal advice because they did not have a license. Some of the evidence given to the professor was actually helpful to the professor for the case. What adds spice to the show is the cases that Professor Annalise has because majority of her cases are very dangerous and she is a attorney who is willing to do anything too make sure that her clients go free.

I didn’t watch the whole series but one thing that I can say is that it reminded me of why I wanted to be a lawyer because of the investigations and problem solving that needed to be done. Although not everything is accurate in the show but I would refer this show to people that wants to work in the criminal justice field. This show gave me some form of encouragement because I started to question if I wanted to continue in the field of law.

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