Law in Culture Review- To Kill a Mockingbird

My cultural Source: To Kill a Mockingbird
Author: Harper E Lee
Published: July 11, 1960
Publisher: J.B Lippincott & CO


To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper E Lee she tells a story based off of a little girls’ perspectives, who goes by the name of Jean Scout Finch. She explains the things that she has witnessed growing up, as she faces the harsh reality of Alabama in 1933-35. In Maycomb Alabama during the time the book has taken place there has been a fair share of racist individuals living in Alabama. While growing up she has witnessed things that she would not be able to explain, or things that felt wrong but in the eyes of people who was white was something that was considered as right. For example, there was a scene in which she has seen segregation but did not understand why segregation was a thing, and she knew it was something that felt wrong but in the eyes of others was considered as something right. In 1933-35 blacks and whites were segregated, and as a result of that blacks tried to stay out the white man’s way as much as they possibly can. While many black individuals tried their best to stay away many white individuals took that as an advantage, to pin their wrong doings on black individuals being that they know the no one would respect them or care if they did it or not being that if you were black during the time you was automatically guilty. Her father Atticus Finch was a lawyer and he was the 1st white man in Alabama to trial a case where he was defending a black man something in which white individuals do not normally do for the sake of their safety. Atticus was strong for that and regardless of the constant threats to his life, and children he still went on. He tried to set that example for his kids where he made it known it was okay to stand up for things that was felt wrong but to others was considered as right. As a result of that Atticus fought to prove Tom Robinson innocents against the rape and beating of Mayalla Ewells. He was able to provided sufficient evidence in which proved Tom Robinson innocence but being that the jury was racist, and so was the towns people they did not care, and just wanted the black man killed. This book stood out to me because we actually live in a time where people are so willing to ignore the factual evidence that proves something just because they do not like a certain race, gender, etc. It proves the ignorance in people, and shows how the court systems use to be, and how it kind of changed since then.

In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, and considering what I have learned in Law1101&1103 I think that in the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper E Lee the author accurately portrayed legal concepts. When focusing on Law in the book the author described a criminal issue where they Brough charges on a man for “committing” a crime against a woman. As a result of that they explained how the man accused was brought to jail, had hired an attorney, and would meet with the attorney to talk about the case, and charges in which was brought against him. They show the readers ho the Lawyer Atticus Finch follows the lawyer client privilege, and how Atticus makes sure not to mix his law life with his regular life by not talking much about the case especially in public places. They also give an accurate depiction on the court system, and the court room. Atticus spent majority of his time working like an average lawyer does. In the movie they portray a court room very accurate when it comes down to a judge, a jury, the defendant, and plaintiff. Where the judge insures the law, and makes sure that the law is being followed. The judge also allows certain questions to be asked, and certain things to be said. They allow what evidence can be heard by the courts, and the testimonies that can be heard by the courts. In to Kill a mocking bird they also give a clear and accurate depiction of a jury where they determine the facts, meaning that they hear what both lawyers have to say and based on the evidence, testimony, and questions they determine how the verdict would turn out to be. In this book though we see a verdict in which was completely unfair, and was wrong in so many ways but at the same time was considered as an accurate portray during the segregation period. In this book we see an innocent black man who was failed by the court system which as of today is something in which still happens

When reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper E Lee I believe that it is an accurate portrayal of the legal field. Even though we are looking through this case from a Childs perspective we are shown a lawyer who was willing to seek justice for the defendant. We are seen a accurate portrayal of the roles pf a lawyer when it comes down to what a criminal justice does with a client, and with defending the client. I believe that we are given a case in which portrays a criminal issue. I mean even though I do not agree with the ruling or how the case went down. I do believe that the author did a good job at giving a glimpse of what the legal field is like, on civilians, lawyers, jury members, and judges. They bring awareness to how it is also possible and considered as likely for the system to fail rather than seek the justice that it was supposed to seek. I honestly would recommend this book because I feel as if even though it doesn’t not go in to as much detail of what a lawyer does or what they need to do and the jobs of people working in the legal field it provides a vivid understanding on what being in a court room means, and how it is are jobs meaning people working in the legal field to try and eliminate biases , and actually understand the evidence, and testimony, and do not just go off of personal biases and beliefs. Honestly reading this book has all been a one of my many reasons to why I wanted to become a criminal justice lawyer. I feel as if we need more individuals willing to fight for what is right, and are willing to actually seek justice, and use factual evidence to prove innocents and instead of personal beliefs. As of today, there are many innocent individuals who are locked up for a crime in which they did not commit, which relates back to the book of to kill a mockingbird being that we are given a man who was locked up for a crime that he did not do is something in which needs to be addressed. When reading this book and seeing the world as of today we see people who have been locked up for crimes that they haven’t committed for example the Central Park five where there were five innocent black boys convicted of a rape that they did not do it has affected me because it is something in which happens to often.



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