Details on Civ Pro final exam & CR/NC grading policy!

Esteemed Students!

I realized after class that I neglected to give you the specific information on Friday’s Civ Pro final exam that I promised.  I’m sorry!  The exam consists of 24 multiple choice and true/false questions, worth three (3) points each; four (4) “short answer” questions that require you to write a sentence or two explaining certain terms that you’ll choose from a list of options, also worth three (3) points each; two (2) open-ended questions that require a few sentences to answer, worth five (5) points each; plus two BONUS questions that require you to name certain Chief Jurists for two (2) extra points each!  🙂  Please see this list of study suggestions for additional guidance.  The exam will be available on Blackboard, under “Content,” this Friday, December 11, at 10am, and you may complete it during any two-hour period until 5pm.  I will be available during that time to answer questions by phone.

Also–following up on our discussion about the possible CR/NC grading option, I strongly recommend that you read this Resolution of CUNY’s University Student Senate, of which City Tech Law and Paralegal Studies student Juvanie Piquant is the chair.  It explains the background of the CR/NC policy and why many students believe it should be continued during the current semester.  I’ll let you know the college’s decision on that when I learn it.

I hope this is all helpful!  Have a pleasant evening, study hard, and keep warm!

Prof. C.


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