Timekeeping Record

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 6:40- 10:40am

0.25 – Baby wakes up to eat.

0.50- Take a shower and get dressed.

0.50- Make breakfast and eat.

0.75- Baby wakes up so I get him ready for the day and play around with him.

1.00- Clean my room and fold clothes.

0.15- Taking baby for a shower.

0.15-  Feeding baby.

Reflecting: I personally enjoy doing this timekeeping record. Mostly because I do it on a day to day basis, although in my mind. I always focus on the time and how much I take in everything I do. Mostly because I like to know how long I take on certain tasks so when my baby sleeps I know what things I can get done.

One thought on “Timekeeping Record

  1. Thanks Yadira! Great time record, and thanks especially for your thoughtful reflection. Yes, I hear that when one has a baby, your schedule revolves around his sleeping times. You’re getting good practice for keeping track of your time when you’re in a law practice. 🙂
    Prof. C.

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