Legal Source

       My research question is what is the current situation for undocumented families crossing the United States with children? The reason why I chose this question is because I’m actually very interested to know what situation there in. I have been seeing a lot through the news and some on social media. How these families are being treated unfairly and being held for an extremely long period of time. Which is why I chose this question because in my research I want to go in depth and find out what’s actually happening after being caught at the border.

Department of Homeland Security. “Zero Tolerance Immigration Prosecutions – Family Fact Sheet.” U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 15 June 2018,

In this Family Fact Sheet from the Department of Homeland Security states by law what are the procedures for immigrants crossing the border illegally. Anyone who enters the border illegally even with children will be prosecuted. After being prosecuted, any family involved will be separated from their parents. Children will be sent off to the department of health and human services. Also to the Office of Refugees Resettlement. These children are held in temporary shelters or hosted by an appropriate family. places. Where they take care of children’s medical care, mental health care, and educational programs. Also ICE will work on regular communication between parents and their children. Although all individuals that have entered illegally will be sent to the Department of Justice and present before a federal judge. Later the result made from a federal judge will be sent to ICE to follow up immigration proceedings. Although any individual that has been prosecuted for illegal entry can seek asylum and any other protection available under law. However, children can also present individual claims for asylum and may take separate immigration proceedings.

After reading the family fact sheet and knowing by law what the procedures have to be taken toward families and any individual that enters the country illegally. Which actually doesn’t seem the same procedures that are being taken at the border. According to the family fact sheet, “Children in HHS ORR custody are provided with appropriate care, including medical care, mental health care, and educational programs”. Considering from past research these children aren’t given all the care that they’re in title to. For example, mental health care and educational programs aren’t given to these undocumented children. While they are being held in these temporary shelters there are sleeping on the floors. Where there isn’t even enough space for these children to sleep. Let alone have space for educational programs they can atend to. Also there’s no mental health care given to these children because they spent all day in these shelters sitting quietly. Lastly, children shouldn’t be allowed to make their own claims without their parents. Mostly because their children are very young to understand. Which is why they should be with their parents and file claims together instead of separate. Children shouldn’t present themselves at federal judge  without their parents.

        The rhetorical factor that this genre uses is that it’s a legal source. Meaning the agent from the Department of Homeland Security wrote this family fact sheet and based it on what the law states and what should be happening according to them.

“Children whose parents are referred for prosecution will be placed with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)”.


Timekeeping Record

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 6:40- 10:40am

0.25 – Baby wakes up to eat.

0.50- Take a shower and get dressed.

0.50- Make breakfast and eat.

0.75- Baby wakes up so I get him ready for the day and play around with him.

1.00- Clean my room and fold clothes.

0.15- Taking baby for a shower.

0.15-  Feeding baby.

Reflecting: I personally enjoy doing this timekeeping record. Mostly because I do it on a day to day basis, although in my mind. I always focus on the time and how much I take in everything I do. Mostly because I like to know how long I take on certain tasks so when my baby sleeps I know what things I can get done.

Law Office

The law office I would like to work in is the Law office of Rachel Einbund, PC. It’s located in 118 E  28th St #1012, New York, NY10016. It’s an immigration law firm that specializes in many different immigration cases. For example, some are like green cards based on marriage, asylums, or family petitions. Also in this firm everyone is treated as equal no matter your race, gender, religion, or your immigration states. It shows as a nice big welcome for clients and making them feel comfortable with the law office and their attorneys. I’m mainly interested in this law firm because I want to become an immigration lawyer and I would someday want to work in a firm that is a caring and judgment free zone. Where the main purpose is to help clients to the best of our abilities with their immigration status. 

Amy Tan Response

One main legal issue I have noticed repeatedly throughout Amy Tan’s essay is discrimination. For example in “Mothe Tongue” states “I was forced to ask information or even to complain and yell at people who had been rude to her.” This shows how her mother has been discriminated against by her limited English. Which is very unfair because no one should be discriminated for any reason. Being different is okay because not everyone is the same. Which also creates diversity among us and this result in new developments into our world. Wheaters in are society or political system.

Law in Culture Review

For my culture review, I have chosen a tv series called “Guilt”. This tv series is a murder case that was released on June 13, 2016. It’s about two roommates that study in London.  Grace’s roommate was found dead and the main suspect seems to be Grace. Her sister comes in to help clear her name with a lawyer. Although all the evidence through to Grace being guilty. Her sister starts to question if Grace is really innocent. However, the lawyer discovers that in the investigation there is a lot of guilt to go around. That also leads to a royal family.

Who I Am

Hi everyone my name is Yadira Cadmilema. In 2013 I went through an unforgettable moment. This particular moment marked my life forever because it was in that year that my parents officially received their green cards. Being able to see the enjoy and happiness in their faces was incredible. Then in there, I realized I wanted to become an immigration lawyer. I want to be able to help people and give them that same happiness in receiving their green cards just like my parents were. Which is why I choose  Law and Paralegal Studies as my major. However, I’m also a mommy to a 5-month-old baby boy. He means the world to me and gives me all the motivation and strength I need to succeed in my career path and in life.