Who I am

My name is Hasani Wright, I major in Law and paralegal studies. I chose to major in this because I love law and the justice system, and have always been curious about what occurs internally. I also believe there needs to be more colored representation working in law. I feel as though one thing you should know about me is that i am deeply involved in the performing arts. I did 7 years of theater and 4 years of musical theater (I also know how to draw). These interests have helped me gain better appreciation for the Arts and the messages that they portray.

You guys are about to find me very weird but I have a couple pets. Mainly reptiles and amphibians which isn’t the weirdest thing but not exactly popular lol. I got to say my favorite pet is my gecko Yamori, named after a Tokyo ghoul character. Oh yeah i like anime also.

One thought on “Who I am

  1. Thanks Hasani! Is that Yamori? He’s beautiful! Having pets is not weird at all, I think it’s terrific! You have a very interesting background. I agree, the legal profession needs more individuals of color. I heard some statistics on that recently, the underrepresentation was shocking. I hope you’re enjoying our course! Prof. C.

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