Amenity Research Project


The chef behind this piece is Chef Michael Kwan. He is the executive pastry chef at Hotel Café Royal. The theme of this piece is bird and nature. It looks a though the chef used sculpted and carved tempered chocolate to bake the body. And used the maybe curved guitar or acetate sheets punched with an oval cookie cutter to shape the wings. This was finalized with a white coco butter spray to give it the white color. There also seems to be a small mirror glazed dessert on the plate next to the bird. The small amount of red and pink really bring the piece to life the black and white in the piece create a nice base to bounce off of in a color perspective. The problems I could see is that if the legs are of the bird aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the body the sculpture could collapse. White I really love about the piece is how natural it looks and flows. What I don’t think works is the plate in which the dessert is on I feel like there could be a better shape or something. I don’t believe it has a function other than being a showpiece in the lobby of the hotel. This chef definitely had years of practice to

Fanny Le Duff is a French pastry chef who was on Team France for the Junior World Cup in 2017. The theme of this piece is geometric meets deer. It is a juxtaposition between natural and unnatural. This piece has a lot of techniques; there is some pulled sugar ribbons and flowers, with poured sugar sections, some blown sugar bells with small amounts of chocolate work within the sculpture. This piece has a range of blue with yellow and yellow ochres along with gold and white. Because yellow and blue are primary all their variations really make the others pop to create visual balance. The problems I can see from this is that the deer was shaped with white chocolate and painted with the geometric design. When I zoomed in on the image, I saw a lot of the mistakes with the brush strokes. What I love about this is the play with shapes natural and geometric. This chef clearly is skilled in these sugar and chocolate techniques and is not afraid to try something new and different

This piece of work is done by Amaury Guichon. He is the head chef and owner of the Pastry academy under his name. This is not only an amenity, but it is also a dessert. The theme of this piece is royal crown. The techniques used for this is first by making a molded mouse for the body of the crown. Then it is sprayed with red coco butter along with molded and curved chocolate crown attachments sprayed in gold. To make the furry rim a white mousse of white chocolate log is made and then rolled in coconut and sprayed with black spots. This piece is incredibly beautiful I really don’t see any flaws. What I love about this is the textures he used to create such a realistic look and the fact that it is functional makes it even more incredible. This chef is definitely excelling in his field of practice he is a true artist.

The chef behind this piece is right here in New York. He is Chef Matthew Lambie. He is the executive pastry chef at the Plaza Hotel. The theme of this piece is Valentines Day. This looks as though the chef used tempered colored chocolate in a hart mold. Then it was finished by being sprayed with red coco butter spray. The box was than filled with dipped strawberries garnished with pomegranate seeds. There is also a Plaza chocolate plaque and a small chocolate bonbon. This piece is simply just red and brown the colors of traditional valentines’ day. The problems I can see from this is that although beautiful it lacks a little more creativity. This definitely is a piece that serves the function of being probably a dessert for 2 or maybe an engagement set up for a customer. This chef is definitely talented especially since it looks as though it’s a special plated dessert for valentine’s day.

5 thoughts on “Amenity Research Project

  1. Jada

    I really like the last piece you posted, the Valentine’s Day piece because it was just really pretty to me. I like the vibrant bright red which makes it stand out and the strawberry was a nice touch.

  2. Yovelsi

    Hi Amber!

    I love your pieces, but the one i like the most has to be the crown, and the fact that is also a dessert just blows my mind, i like the attention to detail to the white pat of the crown, and it seems to be that every gold piece is made and attached separatedly it makes it so eye catching to me.

  3. Chinelle Ann Hooper

    Hi Amber,
    The piece you chose by Chef Amaury Guichon is really creative and one of his many works, he is one of the chefs that i admire and i have seen most of his work. I too have chosen a chocolate piece from his collections.

  4. Gabriela Mota

    Hey Amber,

    The Micheal Kwan piece is absolutely stunning. It is beautifully put together and the feathers of the swan were very well executed. The artist was able to create an awesome snapshot of a bird in flight and it is astonishing. There was a lot of time and energy into polishing the details. I can definitely see why you chose it.

  5. markh

    Amber, “Geometric meets Deer” is pretty inspired. It is exciting to see work that breaks a form down into geometric shapes– like cubism– and makes it work. We don’t see that kind of creativity all that often in confectionery showpieces. (I hope these pieces and the others that you like, will inspire you on your final draft of your confectionery design project.) Hope you get to read this after all the other comments you got. A pair of these are amenity size and are so unique. Can you imagine eating the crown if it is placed in front of you at a restaurant? You realize that lovely as they are, 2 of these pieces are too big to be considered ‘amenities’ right? {Everybody in class did that}


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