The Japanese bonsai garden by Amaury Guichon. He is the head chef and owner of the Pastry academy.  The piece is made of chocolate and the flowers of Gum paste. I chose this piece because cherry blossoms are my favourite flower and because of my love for Japanese culture. The piece represents the nature and architectural history of Japan.


This piece done by Jurgen Baret is made with chocolate. He described this piece as a future in which sea levels have risen and has become humakind’s habitat of choice. This is represented by a massive mermaid swimming over futuristic-looking, spherical houses. I picked this piece because of the intricate details, it is very well and clearly sculpted.

This showpiece is by Stephane Glacier, they didn’t say the name or what it depicts. However the the piece speaks for itself with delicate details of flowers made of sugar. The work would have taken a great deal of time and precision with steady hands. I admire that because I struggle with shaky hands and patience so it’s encouraging to choose this piece as motivation.

A “Fire Phoenix” sugar sculpture made by a Taiwanese pulled sugar artist , Ni Yi-leng. I love this piece not just because of the power that the phoenix represents but also because of the story behind this piece. On the way to the venue the piece was mishandled by the airport staff causing damage. When it arrived the artist instead of giving up, found a way to fix the piece and ended up winning first place. It has a sound message that determination can open winning opportunities when you don’t give up.

One thought on “Amenity

  1. markh

    Wild stuff Aleann, Nice story behind he phoenix. You know Prof Smith had a similar experience when he competed at the US Pastry competition a few years ago.
    The Glacier work is motivation for many things. Patience is one of them. Vision and skill are others. The composition on this pc is great— it moves gracefully from right to left; it has a gentle curve.
    You realize that these pieces are too big to be considered ‘amenities’ right?


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