Social Media Addiction

Summary:┬áThis article discusses how social network is equivalent to be as habit-forming as crack cocaine. It shows that many people who tried to quit or thought could quit, actually couldn’t resist their temptation to go online. Without realizing how time-consuming this networks are, the article explains┬áthe┬ánegative effects on these sites may have on an individual’s life such as┬áharm┬ápersonal relationships and may even damage careers. All these social networks are designed to approach their consumers and also be addictive by their design. Nobody wants to miss out, everyone wants to be included. These sites are created to reach their goal so you don’t resist them.

Communication Problem: The communication problem is showing social media in a way to show how hard it is to actually resist them. Many people don’t seem to be able to live without these social handles and it becomes part of their lifestyle. I want to be able to show, the attraction that these sites have on a person.

Image Ideas:┬áAn image Idea would be someone constantly on the phone, or many individuals focused on one thing – their phones. I want it to have a direct lighting, show their face expressions and how in-tune they are with their phone by ignoring what’s truly around them. Their environment and other people.┬áIn result, my group came up with really great ideas. Such as using, an individual who is so self-absorbed by the number of likes they are getting or even praising social media as if it were a religion. Another group member thought of it as more of a medical way where you were actually hooked on your phone. So overall, our shoot consisted of all these concepts which were really fun to do!

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