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Portrait Lighting

  The challenges of shooting today is the fact that the lighting and where the subject is has to constantly be checked/changed. If light changes ( a light is turned on or off) then it can initially ruin an entire … Continue reading

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Best Shot 3/1

This image was used by using a 10 second shutter speed along with quick speedlites. We used the color green in order to symbolize wealth in the Rags to Riches image.

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Most Interesting Lighting

The lighting and shadow work well with this image. The angle used for the lighting seems to create a beam of light that lights only part of the egg and leaves the rest in the shadow.

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Shoe Shot

This image of the shoe shows the idea of rule of thirds. The shoe/subject is nearly directly in the center of the image, which allows it to sit in a grid of three. It also shows framing seeing as though … Continue reading

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Week One: Leading Lines

The image focuses on the subject, which is a robot undergoing testing. The photographer makes the viewer’s eye focus on the subject by using leading lines from the top of the room. The lines complete the composition and give the … Continue reading

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