Final Enan O’Malley

My best pictures.

My thoughts on the project was that it was enjoyable. I like walking around parks taking pictures of plant life, but I should have tried to avoid taking the image when I was facing the sun. there are some of the images of plants in yards that are blurry, that is because I didn’t really like taking pictures of strangers’ yards. I took pictures of parks, yards and a flower shop. I did like seeing all those flowers growing, especially one where there was one flower that didn’t belong in the group that stood out like a sore thumb. There was one that I had of chestnuts on the ground, which I nearly fell over because they were everywhere!


My final thought was that it was a relaxing way to complete a final project. For me, it was taking a walk in the park (Yes, the pun was intended).

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  1. rmichals says:

    🙂 wondering more about your thoughts about photography.

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