Final Project

My topic is Flowers because i’m interested in spring colors and it’s the only good time to take photos of flowers this month. The strength is i like taking photos that has a shallow depth of field so i want the focus to be only on one flower or two and taking photos in the dark and light. the challenges that i had is to choose the right day to go on and mostly the last three weeks the weather was fine. the only thing is sometimes the settings on my camera wasn’t the best so i had to borrow the school camera some days. The best photo i like was the on the last day and last photo i took out of the 150. i like how there are a lot of shiny yellow flowers and the light reflects on them.

The other one i like is that one

because i like how the flower is half light and half dark.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Glad to hear that you borrowed a school camera. Take advantage of the resources available to you! If the top photo was your 150th, I am so glad that you got to this image.

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