Chelsea Exibit

Exhibit: Fra Angelico/Opus Operantis
Gallery: Paul Kasmin, 297 Tenth Avenue                                                                      Photographer: Robert Polidori

In the photo taken by Robert Polidori, the subject matter of these photographs is religion; Christianity and Catholicism. The subject is presented frame by frame, it includes architectural elements like arches and windows. The crucifixion  of Jesus is presented throughout the frames, there are many halos and open doors as if the message intended to say that these doors throughout the frames, are the doors to Christ. The rule of thirds is presented in this picture with the use of doors and windows. The contrast emphasizes the light shined upon the Christ, giving it a holy feel.

Exhibit: Falling Water
Gallery: Flowers, 529 West 20th Street                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photographer: Boomoon

The subject of the exhibit consists of mainly falling water that is black and white water or water rushing towards the surface in color. The images follow a theme, of either water just falling or rushing to the surface. The contrast used in the black and white photos make the waterfall itself stand out from the land around it. The colored photos attracts your eyes to the bubbles and water rushing up. Ne similarity that all images had. Were like it was taken from eye level view, that would also make the viewer feel as if they’re watching the waterfall in person themselves. Boomoon wanted the water to be the center of attention.


Photographer: Stan Douglas
Exhibit: Scenes from the Blackout
Gallery: David Zwirner, 525 W. 19th St


The subject consists of people in a blackout in New York City. The candle in the photo makes great contrast between light and dark. You first notice the light coming from the candle, but then there is another light source in the room, and that is the iPhone. The candle light in the darkness gives it a dramatic feel. The photographer took this photo in bird’s eye view. Giving you the idea that this person is trapped in an elevator, with only a candle, a phone and grocery. The exabit consists of different situations people would be in during a blackout, such as getting stuck in an elevator or sitting in front of a museum, or a robbery starts to happen. The message intended is to say if there was a blackout, there would-be chaos.


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