Imaginary Being Project

My imaginary being is a supernatural being wanting to be a pretty mermaid but in order to create her body to move around, she had to use items she found underwater. I imagine this kind of character desperately wanting to have a body and look pretty that she did her best in creating a body with what she could find in the depths of the ocean. She would do her best to maintain the items she collected in good shape and constantly look at herself into a mirror thinking that she is the prettiest of them all. Though if anyone was swimming underwater and ended up seeing her, they would properly end up freaking out instead, especially once she starts to swim towards them. What I used for this collage was printing images, scissors, glue, and bristol paper. Most color focused is on the being while the background is monochrome.

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Being Project

  1. Darren

    The focal point is definitely the mermaid which also tells the viewer the back story as this mermaid is admiring herself in the mirror which can symbolize her beauty which I get as the concept. I get a high contrast feel looking at this composition as the background is black and white with slight hints of gray on top. The shapes in this composition are mostly organic starting from the mermaid’s head to the black and white grass. My eyes also see that the mermaid is sitting down as to me it’s hard to tell where her lower half is as the rock texture act as negative space; The only way I could have tell was the fish scale lower half including the tail. There’s a sense of movement going on as if you look at the background where the mermaid is holding up the mirror I’m not quite sure but it looks like everything is moving to the left in my opinion. I also want to point out how creative it is to use the seaweed as hair for the mermaid it adds a nice touch to it.

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