Shanae Clarke
Outline. Reading Response #1
In the article Developing for Commercial Culture by David C. Hammock it was explained how Time Square became America’s central market place for commercial culture in the early 1900s. What this means it that Time Square became the largest and brightest stage for me showcasing commercials and sales. Decisions were made by local geographer to make Time Square the place where commercial entertainment will be concentrated. The entertainment industry took this as an opportunity to use Time Square for advertising their product, brand and services. This article also give history of New York City before Time Square came about. It noted that Time Square and what it stands for was planned for long before it came about. New York was the central point for import/export from Europe. New York has the largest regional population in the Untied States. In addition to those two things New York City had railyards/railroads that run all over mid- Manhattan. Those facts alone are evident why Time Square New York would be a prefect place for the rise of commercial culture.

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